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lardmanmorning all23:03
lardmannot maemo related, but I wonder if this is the best starting point - looking to run modrana on a RPi-based bike computer23:04
lardmanseems that there are still github updates, but all the websites mentioning it are rather old23:04
lardmanany thoughts? Thanks :)23:05
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sixwheeledbeastlardman: github is the best place it should run fine if you have all the dependencies. Python/Qt23:11
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sixwheeledbeastnot sure if GPS will work if that's a concern.23:12
lardman@sixwheeledbeast, thanks - I was wondering about docs re adaptions for different platforms (or I could just read the code!)23:12
lardmannot too worried about GPS, GPSD should handle that23:12
sixwheeledbeastIt's just python i don't believe it needs building23:12
lardmanI was also curious as to whether there's a new and improved version I've not spotted yet (I was led to modRana from wikipedia's Rana pages)23:13
sixwheeledbeastI have downloaded it and ran it on Ubuntu amd64 for example. Latest versions are on github23:13
lardmancool, thanks :)23:14
sixwheeledbeastgit clone master and then python3 should do it23:24
lardmanthx - I have it running on the Pi (it defaults to a PC platform as expected), I was just curious that while github has updates I can't see where else it is used23:29
lardmanit may be that sailfish devices are using it, I don't have a working one23:29
lardmanjust a weird disconnect between the updates and the apparent (via) Google users23:30
* lardman tried to go back and edit that line - too much Teams use for work!23:30
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sixwheeledbeastI believe the dev has a Sailfish device so focused on that. There are other branches for the N900 version, it's being updated to keep up with supported Qt and Python versions where N900 is now outdated.23:41
sixwheeledbeastI can't seem to run it on Ubuntu any more apparently.23:42
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lardmanThanks @sixwheeledbeast :)23:54
sixwheeledbeastlardman: np, it seems to detect and run a different version depending on the platform it detects. I can't get either to work I imagine i am missing some dependency somewhere.23:56
lardmanI think I had all the deps and it ran, just not workable on the little LCD screen I have23:57
lardmanI'll do some fiddling with the code and create an RPi "platform" file for it23:57
* lardman realises that @ is not required, it has been nearly 10 years and I blame Teams for the bad habit! :)23:59
sixwheeledbeastit seems the pc version needs gtk2 for pygtk and ubuntu is now gtk3? python3 will not run because it looks for some Sailfish module?23:59

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