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bencohHey there! Can anyone recommend a call blocker for maemo5?11:16
KotCzarnyi think i way using pycallblock11:17
KotCzarnywas a bit quirky because it required some nudging after a reboot, but otherwise worked11:17
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VajbI think I used callerx11:33
VajbWorked well, but needed whitelist reloading after reboot.11:34
KotCzarnyhar har11:34
VajbGot rid of phone spam with it by blocking all the unknown callers :)11:35
KotCzarnyi just blocked unknown numbers on operator's level11:35
KotCzarnysaves some battery ;)11:35
VajbOh, didn't know that is possible11:36
KotCzarnyit is, at least in .pl11:36
KotCzarnyyou can request to disallow calls from hidden numbers11:36
VajbOh yeah, might be dependent of country11:36
KotCzarnyand most operators support it here11:37
VajbThen again it might be possible here tooo11:37
VajbSince i recall that at some point phone marketers switched from using blocked numbers to visible numbers11:38
KotCzarnypity that virtual operators allow it for such a cheap price (to get new numbers)11:38
KotCzarnywould be swell to be able to enter regex in any of blocker apps11:39
KotCzarnytrivial to implement, yet, rarely done11:39
KotCzarnyand i didnt have any spam call for a long time. might be also that im requesting removal of my numbers from their databases11:40
VajbYes, i do that too, but there are just so many of them...11:43
KotCzarnyi suspect being unpleasant also helps them to tick the 'nocall' checkbox11:44
VajbIt might work, but in the end they are just doing their job11:45
VajbKind of don't shoot the messenger situation11:45
KotCzarnyya, and who knows what procedures they must follow11:45
KotCzarnyalso, working as a marketer is worse than being a slave11:46
KotCzarnyone girl at my current workplace used to work as one11:46
KotCzarnyand they had some strict rules to follow11:46
KotCzarnyie. they couldnt disconnect themselves11:46
VajbYup, I'd rather live at street11:46
KotCzarnyuntill all questions are asked11:46
KotCzarnyeven when the other person repeated 'no, thanks'11:47
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KotCzarnythey also had daily quota, time per call, couldnt go to WC too often etc etc11:48
VajbI'm amazed that they have employees11:50
KotCzarnyyoung/old folks' lack of skills + need of money == agreement to slave labor11:50
VajbI were young and needed the money, eh eh11:52
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sixwheeledbeastbencoh: I am still using callerx if that helps, I found them both to be a bit flaky but the best of both12:52
sixwheeledbeastThose types of call centres are often like battery cage farms12:55
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bencohsixwheeledbeast: I went for callerx as well for now ... I'd need to run strace on it for a long period of time to see how it idles13:58
bencoh(but it seemed "okay" thus far)13:58
sixwheeledbeastbencoh: IIRC pycallblocker eats into hildon home over time.13:58
sixwheeledbeastAlthough maybe it was something else, there where a lot of python things that leaked into hildon.13:59
bencohI didn't even dare trying to let a python daemon run fulltime on my phone14:00
bencoh(I wasn't exactly happy with the fact that callerx is Qt either, especially since I don't understand the need for Qt there, but ... so be it)14:00
bencohit doesn't even have any UI ...14:01
bencohI feel like I should write some simple daemon in C14:01
bencohfrom what I understand, all you need is to handle a few dbus callbacks14:01
sixwheeledbeastthe GUI it does have a gui AFAIK14:01
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bencohcallerxui you mean?14:02
bencohI didn't install it14:02
sixwheeledbeasti see it's two packages14:03
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sixwheeledbeastI suppose, it's how Qt works14:03
bencoherr, yeah about two packages14:03
KotCzarnybest would be implementing white/blacklists natively though14:04
sixwheeledbeastI have a lot of respect for Qt and Maemo integration TBH, it helped me make packages I wouldn't have been able to14:04
bencohsixwheeledbeast: oh, I have nothing against Qt on maemo, apart from the fact that n900 only has 256MB of memory ;-)14:09
bencohso I'd rather not have background applications written in Qt14:09
sixwheeledbeastYer obviously the lighter the better14:10
sixwheeledbeastideally everything UI wise would be GTK14:10
KotCzarnyand implemented in core elements14:10
KotCzarnywithout the need of additional apps/tools14:10
sixwheeledbeastA simple daemon would be nice tho, I'd be happy with some "/home/user/.callblacklist" file that was manually edited.14:12
KotCzarnywith regexps!14:12
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