IRC log of #maemo for Thursday, 2020-03-26

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WizzupI have like 10 phones here that are turned on14:02
Wizzuphope they don't come knocking down my door14:02
dreamerthey all have sims? ;)14:02
KotCzarnythey would be 'tablets' otherwise, no?14:03
Wizzupdreamer: pretty much14:05
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matlandin a way it'd make more sense if they gave you a call for that14:31
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Wizzupmatland: hah15:39
matlanddid chen manage to get a pro1 in your hands yet btw?15:40
WizzupI think he sent one, but I didn't hear anything from any postal office15:59
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Paliwe already know that such cellular location does not work at all...17:29
KotCzarny..and that's why we cant have nice things17:30
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sixwheeledbeastGoogle maps issue IMO.17:53
KotCzarnyhumans toxicity issue, imo18:01
matlandlol so now there's traffic jam around wizzups house18:12
matlandaltho i kinda suspect those phones aren't running android/ios18:13
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sixwheeledbeasttoxicity nah i can't agree in this instance.18:37
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Wizzupmatland: they are not ;)18:39
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