IRC log of #maemo for Tuesday, 2020-03-17

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MaxdamantusGot another N9 .. and an Asha 50321:24
MaxdamantusThey were sold under the same listing. ime N9 has probably had the best cellular connectivity at a remote place I go to on holiday, but last time I bent a SIM pin after leaving a micro→mini adapter or something in the slot.21:32
jabisI'd love to get my hands on another N921:45
jabislast one died about 4 months ago with it's battery expanding21:46
KotCzarnyyou mean dead battery damaged the phone?21:47
jabishard to come by one here in thailand21:48
KotCzarnyor just no battery to replace21:48
jabisno I mean the battery exploded21:48
KotCzarnythat's not very nokia-like21:48
jabisI was going to replace the battery, but plugged it in and had it balloon spoiling the rest of the board21:49
MaxdamantusThey're probably hard to come by here in NZ too. I have a search saved for them on trademe so it should email me when a new "N9" listing appears, and the previous one was in September 2015.21:50
Maxdamantuswait, nvm, that was the first one21:50
KotCzarnyi see 3 here from a quick search, ~50 usd21:51
MaxdamantusLooks like there are a couple of listings every year.21:51
MaxdamantusThis N9 and Asha combined were ~$30 USD, and they seem to be in pretty good condition except for a small amount of delamination on the N9.21:52
KotCzarnyand nokia n950 for a .. 700usd21:52
MaxdamantusCheapest phone I've bought so far is an N97 for something like $2 NZD21:53
KotCzarny'not for sale. developer device' lol21:53
Maxdamantusbecause the same person was selling an N900, might as well have included the N97 in the shipping cost.21:54
jabisI've a couple of Jolla phones - crap for hardware, but other than that a joy21:54
Maxdamantusthat N97 is in pretty bad condition .. frame is stuck on with blu-tack .. I think there's still an SD card stuck in the slot with blu-tack, parts of the screen don't work, etc21:55
Maxdamantusand would need a battery for it to test it properly.21:55
jabismanaged to install the early harmattan to N9ner before pushed it too far and bricked21:55
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MaxdamantusHm. I think I disabled the ability to change/move shortcuts on the desktop and can't remember how I did it.23:47
MaxdamantusSo when tapping the background, the cog icon appears, but I can't click it.23:51
sicelogconftool-2 /apps/osso/hildon-desktop/key-actions/disable_edit ... ;)23:51
MaxdamantusThanks, that was it.23:52

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