IRC log of #maemo for Saturday, 2020-03-14

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norayrhey people of maemo. i forgot my wiki and tmo passwords and am unable to find the recovery email links. it doesnt suggest 'forgot pass' link.15:32
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norayrPali: thaaanks.16:33
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keboidusing cssu testing where can i find blt and libmpdec2 packages?22:19
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keboidi want to install python3.5 to try youtube-dl and those 2 packages are part of the dependencies22:21
* Maxdamantus just runs youtube-dl inside a debian chroot.22:30
Maxdamantusthough I don't think it actually depends on libmpdec2 necessarily.22:31
MaxdamantusI just run it from git.22:31
MaxdamantusIt will usually want to invoke ffmpeg to remux things, but that's just invoking the actual ffmpeg program which it assumes is already installed.22:33
keboidnever used debian chroot.. i wil look into it if there is no other way22:33
keboidbut i think some managed it wihout debian22:33
MaxdamantusHave you tried just running it directly from git outside? I suspect if you want to use youtube-dl, you'd want to have it based on git somehow.22:33
Maxdamantus(right, "outside" as in just in maemo itself)22:34
MaxdamantusThe reason you want to use git for youtube-dl is that sites like youtube will often change how you have to download things from them, so you need to be able to update the code.22:35
keboidi downloaded Halftux's python3.5.6 from the forum and tried to install from terminal and it asks for those 2 dependencies22:36
keboidyes, i am using the git version on ubuntu and on an android tablet as well and i would like that on the n900 but default python should be too old version for it22:38
MaxdamantusI don't think it even needs to be python3.22:39
MaxdamantusI think even in the chroot I just use 2.722:39
Maxdamantuspython2.7 is in fremantle/free, so you can probably just `apt-get install python2.7`22:41
MaxdamantusI can use python2.7 on maemo to at least run it with the "--help" argument. will try downloading something from youtube.22:49
keboidnah, it does not find it. i dont know how to check what version i do have22:50
MaxdamantusAre you using the fremantle repository?22:50
Maxdamantusand have you done `apt-get update` recently?22:50
keboidupdated a few times today because of failed python install22:51
keboidwhich one is the repository you mean?22:52
Maxdamantusah, actually it's from extras/fremantle22:56
MaxdamantusSo you'd need to have "deb fremantle free non-free" in your sources.list22:56
keboidi do have it enabled22:58
keboidin fam for sure22:58
Maxdamantusoh, nvm, it's in extras-devel22:59
Maxdamantusso s/extras/extras-devel/22:59
keboidthat too, but no python 2.723:00
keboidhm.. did not have exras devel in sources.list, thx looking into it23:16
keboidcool, now its installed.23:18
Maxdamantuswhen I run youtube-dl at the moment, I get an due to the ffmpeg version in maemo not having the "-loglevel" argument.23:19
Maxdamantusan error*23:19
Maxdamantusotherwise, it at least downloads the files.23:19
Maxdamantusand can probably easily add some hack for the -loglevel thing.23:20
keboidcool, thats something.23:26
keboidthanks again, have a nice day/evening23:39
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