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sunshavion n800-os2008. i installed bluez-utils_3.28-0osso6_armel.deb. and the bluetooth service 'OBEX Object Push' stopped working. How Could I get back to the bluez-utils version that comes with os2008?. Is there any other way besides reflashing?01:38
infobotextra, extra, read all about it, repos is "deb ./ ;; deb ./", or see, or see ~jrrepos01:42
sixwheeledbeasttry replacing using a version from repos?01:44
sunshavithat's the one i used01:45
infobotsomebody said pkg was
sixwheeledbeastThere is no other version available anywhere.01:46
sunshaviyes. that's the point. bluez-utils 3.28-0osso6 Diablo Extras-devel free armel Package imported System 2010-01-27 09:20 UTC01:47
sunshavianybody knows what was the problem with that version?. Perhaps a simple patch and recompilation is needed01:47
sixwheeledbeastYes but if there was another version before that it would be listed and you would have been able to get a deb of it.01:48
sunshavibut. OBEX  was woring before installing the version from the repos01:48
sixwheeledbeastI would probably say flashing would be the only option. I don't have a Diablo device.01:49
sunshaviok. The only way. I would add to this package do not install it. If You care about the OBEX service.01:51
sixwheeledbeastBe interesting to see what version you have on the installed image01:52
sunshaviLet's see how easy could be reflashing from opi+2e with 0xFFFF.01:55
sunshaviit depends on libusb001:56
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sunshavijust compiled 0XFFFF02:26
sunshavinow let's look for the os2008 image02:26
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sunshaviswb: same version. but obex works :)04:30
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sixwheeledbeastsunshavi: That is what I was expecting.10:09
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akosshThe GPS time on my Nokia N900 is incorrect, it is almost 20 years in the past.21:19
akosshDo you know about a fix for this?21:19
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akosshSurprisingly this problem did not appear immediately when we had the GPS week number rollover last year. It started a few month later.21:22
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sicelowhere do you see gps time? :-)22:24
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ShadowJKI vaguely remember an app that synced clock to gps time22:50
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siceloyes there is, GPS Recorder23:06
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