IRC log of #maemo for Saturday, 2020-02-29

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brolin_empeyI was surprised to see a non-black ThinkPad (X1 Carbon) yesterday (Thursday).04:18
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enycbrolin_empey: hrrm!05:43
* enyc meows05:43
brolin_empey$ cat enyc05:43
enycbrolin_empey: I have an x201-tablet here ;p05:44
enycgets bounced around in bag, etc etc =)05:44
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matlandwhat color was it?09:44
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brolin_empeymatland: Silver.11:46
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sunshaviis there a shorcut for pasting on osso-xterm? {using the keyboard and not the menu}19:13
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sicelonot that i know if19:19
sixwheeledbeastIs it not Ctrl Shift V like normal?19:21
sixwheeledbeastYou can use the top menu19:21
sixwheeledbeastNa just the top menu it seems19:28
sunshavitoo bad :(. thanks19:38
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