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ShadowJKoops :-)00:20
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OksanaNokia N900's camera module was not focusing (as if stuck in a fixed focus) yesterday, but today (after reboot) it works again.01:21
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MaxdamantusOksana: I often just do `killall camera-ui omap3camd` when the camera software starts behaving badly.02:33
Maxdamantusnote that if you close the camera UI window, the application is still running, waiting to be opened again.02:34
Oksanakillall camera-ui helps sometimes. Will try out killing omap3camd as well, thank you.02:41
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MaxdamantusI'm not sure what the significance of each is. I just kill both whenever I have problems.02:51
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brolin_empeyMaxdamantus: That sounds like a good message to quote out of context, haha.07:28
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brolin_empeyIt is kind of a long shot but does anyone either have a way to contact the KingSpec Global Store on AliExpress without contacting them via AliExpress or to contact KingSpec directly and actually receive a reply from KingSpec?  Or does anyone have any idea of what may be wrong with this 2-TB KingSpec mSATA SSD that seems to have died soon after I began using it?  All of the other SSDs, which are all mSATA but not all 2-TB, from this order I have used so far07:34
brolin_empeyseem to work well so far but this one seems to have died and I do not know what to do because the seller on AliExpress apparently never even reads my messages sent to them via AliExpress and I missed my window to open a dispute with the seller via AliExpress because I contacted the seller before opening a dispute because I did not want to open a dispute if my issue could be resolved by contacting the seller but then the seller has apparently still never even07:34
brolin_empey redd my messages to them.07:34
Oksanabrolin_empey: How did you pay them? Can you open dispute with PayPal or something?07:37
brolin_empeyI had a pre-sales question for KingSpec before I bought the 1.8-inch PATA SSD for my Dell Latitude X1 years ago but I never received a reply from KingSpec so I bought the SSD anyway;  the SSD worked then and still works now so it did not matter in practice that KingSpec never replied to me but now my company has lost approximately 215 CAD on this 2-TB mSATA SSD that seems to have died.07:38
Oksanabrolin_empey: or might work, but, not sure.07:39
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brolin_empeyI think my pre-sales question for KingSpec was basically “Will this model of SSD fit inside and work with my Dell Latitude X1?” but I am not certain because that was in 2014 or 2015, whilst Windows 8.1 was still current.07:44
OksanaClick-and-drag is wonderful.
brolin_empeyOksana: I paid using my credit card account, not via PayPal, but I think I already paid the credit card company for that purchase because I placed the order in early January so I guess it is now too late to open a dispute with the credit card company?07:49
OksanaNo idea. Ask credit card company, ask Aliexpress, and I don't know what else.07:52
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brolin_empeyI just realised that “lead time” sounds funny in the context of ordering RoHS-compliant (lead-free) products, in this case bare PCBs from a PCB manufacturer.08:26
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