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doppleryeah, speaking of breasts, windows 2000.02:09
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brolin_empeydoppler: Actually, “incidentally” in this context means that what follows is not connected to what precedes.  At least that is how I use “incidentally” but I do not know how common this usage is because I sometimes have to explain what I mean to new persons I meet.  I think I began using “incidentally” this way because of jwz (Jamie Zawinski), probably over a decade ago by now.08:26
dopplerI was only teasing; no need to pull out merriam-webster's08:28
doppleryour usage style there is pretty common, I think08:29
brolin_empeyI use Wiktionary, not a paper dictionary nor a read-only Web site.08:33
brolin_empeyBefore that, I used WordNet and submitted some corrections, which may still be included on the WordNet public Web site.08:34
brolin_empeyIt seems strange/sad that I have to say “a read-only Web site” because the World Wide Web was always intended to be a collaborative space, not merely a one-way publishing medium.  Oksana/Wikiwide was discussing something on this theme many months ago, maybe already at least one year ago.  Does she know if I mention her in her absense?08:37
brolin_empeyI remember part of the conversation with her in this channel was about news feed readers/aggregators and the RSS/Atom formats.08:39
brolin_empeyI mean WordNet still includes my corrections/feedback but the feedback I wrote to the WordNet maintainer/project may still be included on the WordNet Web site because, when I last checked years ago, the page to submit feedback shows previously received feedback, back to 2005 and maybe earlier.08:42
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brolin_empeyOksana_: I literally just mentioned you before you joined.  Do you follow/see messages in this channel while you are not in this channel?08:45
brolin_empeyI think my last sentence is grammatically ambiguous but maybe the ambiguity does not matter in this case.  It is easy to make a sentence that is grammatically ambiguous in English if you are not sufficiently careful, like I just did.08:49
brolin_empeyAlso, it is not every day that I see both a Toyota Cressida and Audi R series in public places not focused on cars.08:51
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dopplerwiktionary is nice; it's my usual go-to as well08:59
dopplerI'll have to check out wordnet08:59
brolin_empeyPart of the reason I still remember the general availability date of Windows 2000 is because I watched the live video stream of the launch/media event, using Windows Media Player on Lose98 with a DOCSIS modem, before I knew what DOCSIS was, when I was aged thirteen years.  At around the same time, maybe in 1999, I downloaded ZipSlack on the desktop computer of my family but had to find someone on ICQ who had Linux or Unix in their interests to ask them how09:03
brolin_empeyto log in to ZipSlack because I did not know what to do after GNU+Linux finished booting and getty ran login on the video console. :-D09:03
brolin_empeyI remember being excited about upgrading the 300-MHz Celeron tower computer my family had to 128 MiB of main memory and a 12-GB HDD, haha.09:10
brolin_empeyNow my home computer has 16 GiB of main memory, 2.5 TB of MLC NAND flash memory on SATA SSDs, and no more unreliable and slow spinning rust because, since earlier this year, nothing in my home that I still use still uses an HDD.09:14
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brolin_empeyI remember when I used to download MIDI versions of songs instead of recordings of the songs because of the difference in download time on a POTS modem. :-D09:39
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* Maxdamantus uses OED, which he keeps on his N900.10:38
brolin_empeyBecause the N900 weighs as much as the paper OED? ;-)10:39
MaxdamantusThe paper OED weighs a lot more than an N900, considering that it comprised around 24 volumes last time it was published that way.10:40
Maxdamantus(you could also get a single-volume version which you can read with a magnifying glass, though that is still physically quite large)10:41
brolin_empeyYes, it was a joke based upon hyperbole because the mass of the N900 is more than some (many?) other handheld computers/“smartphones”.10:42
KotCzarnyphysical volumes have ability to be usable in post-apocalyptic world10:42
Maxdamantusin case anyone else wants to build my ZIM version of OED: $ wget -q -O - | base64 -d | tar -xvz10:43
matlanddamn maemo island looks like a nice place10:44
Maxdamantus(requires the data files from the OED v4 CD, as well as libzim and neko and some C compiler)10:44
Maxdamantusactually, C++ compiler10:45
Maxdamantusonly thing I've really used C++ for.10:45
brolin_empeyC++ is meh compared to C.10:45
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brolin_empeyC continues to evolve too even if Microsoft at one point decided they could continue living in the past by only supporting C89 when other C compilers already partially supported C99.  Microsoft changed their mind about supporting C99, like they had to change their mind and finally support SVG.11:25
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brolin_empeyWindows NT 10 includes a virtual printer that generates PDF files too, I guess because Microsoft gave up on pushing the XML Paper Specification with the XPS virtual printer included with Windows NT 6.x .11:29
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brolin_empeyIf a woman has her ovaries removed then is she still considered a female?12:09
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brolin_empeyNice, apparently WineVDM on Windows 10 Enterprise from 2016 for x86-64 on my office computer can run VisiCalc for IBM PC-DOS 1.x from 1981, before the ARM architecture existed if I recall correctly.12:43
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brolin_empeyAnd before the Apple II family officially supported lowercase letters (beginning with the Apple IIe in 1983).12:48
brolin_empeyAnd when the 68000 was still new.12:50
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brolin_empeyAnd when Microsoft headquarters were still in Bellevue instead of Redmond.12:52
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