IRC log of #maemo for Sunday, 2020-01-26

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brolin_empeyThis sounds cool. I should try to install it on my office computer the next time I am at the office, maybe on Wednesday.06:44
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brolin_empeyApparently the .su ccTLD for the Soviet Union supports IPv6, which is an interesting anachronism.13:44
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bencohHmm, I'm getting a "No stream error" from cutetube2 again :(15:21
bencoh"No streams available"*15:21
bencoh(I tried only one video, but still)15:22
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sunshavibencoh: same case here. On my desktop I have installed smtube which were having the same issue. Distro updated the app yesterday. And everything in working again16:10
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sunshavibencoh: So probably something needs to be modified on cutetube app.16:12
bencohyeah :(16:13
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badcloud_Has anyone managed to install latest java opera mini on the N900?20:45
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badcloud_as described in
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badcloud_Or is there some way to install relatively new browser in maemo?21:35
badcloud_NM, managed :)21:49
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badcloud_What are the specifications for a hildon app icon? Size, file location? PNG I know22:42
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MaxdamantusNote though that Opera Mini (as opposed to Opera Mobile) afaik involves rendering on Opera's servers.22:55
siceloas does Chrome's Lite mode (Android) :(23:25
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