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xmnQuestion, anyone using backupmenu? If so do you know of a fix for by passing the password? Meaning you can get in even with the wrong password .. so no protection.02:00
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brolin_empeyIt seems like it would be much easier inclusive-or simpler to have a computer boot from an easily removable non-volatile writable medium such as an SD card than from non-volatile memory soldered on the motherboard, such as eMMC or other forms of fixed/soldered flash memory, because then you could even use only the mobile/embedded computer itself or any other computer with an SD card reader/writer to modify the boot medium instead of having to use a USB09:16
brolin_empeyloader program on a physically separate computer, which obviously requires that the USB port on the mobile/embedded computer still works.  Apparently the PinePhone will be able to boot from an SD card but I do not know if the PinePhone will work well for running recent versions of Android?09:16
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brolin_empeyI guess it should be feasible to boot and run the same OS installation on an SD card on a PinePhone as on the other form factors of Pine computers, even including the PineBook?09:28
MaxdamantusI suspect boot medium is not usually a significant aspect of the device. It's just a matter of what's there.09:32
MaxdamantusYou can easily set up an N900 to basically work that way.09:33
MaxdamantusI think the main question is whether or not there is internal memory. aiui, SD cards tend to be a lot less reliable than flash, but I think that's because SD cards are expected to be disposable, not due to some inherent manufacturing reason.09:34
KotCzarnyinherent reason is lack of space for the silicon?09:35
KotCzarnyand price/cost cutting09:35
MaxdamantusPersonally, I would rather the main storage be replacable without soldering. eg, I have a Kobo Clara HD, which internally just uses a microSD for its main storage. It came out of the box with an 8 GB microSD card, which you can replace if you are able to copy the image to a new card.09:35
KotCzarnythere are emmc cards09:36
MaxdamantusWell, the main reason is people's expectations, which you could characterise as price/cost cutting in that the economical thing is to provide what is expected.09:38
MaxdamantusSD cards don't last as long as internal flash storage because people don't expect them to.09:39
KotCzarnygreatly depends on the card and os09:39
MaxdamantusIf they did last that long, people would be spending more for those cards.09:39
KotCzarnymy bpi-r1 works for some years now on sandisk industrial09:39
KotCzarny(now 'endurance' series)09:40
KotCzarnycost twice as much per gb but works09:40
MaxdamantusExactly. I suspect that's still not as reliable though, eg, as the eMMC storage in an N900.09:41
Maxdamantushow many people's N900 storages have failed?09:41
KotCzarnywho knows, it's indistinguishible from chip failures for many09:42
MaxdamantusI suspect there's also an aspect of planned obsolescence involved in making the storage non-replacable.09:44
KotCzarnyi wouldnt go as far09:45
KotCzarnyits cheaper/faster to solder the chip than to add socket and inserting card in it09:45
Maxdamantusaiui, phones nowadays tend not to have any replacable storage at all, so you can't just keep using your same old device with bigger and bigger SD cards.09:45
MaxdamantusBut it's cheaper for the end user to at least allow extendable storage.09:46
KotCzarnyalso, sdcard probably means some license fees for manufacturer, no?09:46
MaxdamantusI really doubt that's a significant reason for Apple/Samsung/etc to not have SD slots on their phones.09:47
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KotCzarnyslots take space too09:47
Maxdamantus(assuming Samsung doesn't have SD slots; I don't really know; I know that Apple doesn't though)09:47
MaxdamantusSure, but if you do a cost/benefit analysis from an end user perspective, I'm pretty sure an SD slot would be a major win.09:48
KotCzarnyunless people go online and dont care about storages anymore09:49
MaxdamantusI'm pretty sure storage is a major reason people upgrade phones.09:49
KotCzarnynetflix/yt/tidal/spotify etc09:49
KotCzarnynow its mostly needed for apps09:49
KotCzarnywhich usually means 32gb is a much more than ever neede09:49
MaxdamantusGiven than iPhones are still increasing significantly in storage, I don't think that's quite correct.09:49
Maxdamantusnewer iPhone = more storage09:50
Maxdamantusif you want more storage, you need to buy a new phone09:50
Maxdamantuscan't just replace an SD card09:50
KotCzarnybigger, newer!09:50
KotCzarnytbg, if not for the mp3/avi, i wouldnt need more than 2-4gb on n90009:51
MaxdamantusApparently Samsung does have SD slots in modern phones.09:52
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MaxdamantusI have a ZIM version of the English Wikipedia on my N900 (no images), which is 34 GiB09:55
Maxdamantusunfortunately it's about two years old, it looks like they're having issues continuing to create those archives.09:56
Maxdamantusand 36 GiB of music09:56
MaxdamantusI also have things like bootable live Linux systems which I can expose using g_file_storage09:57
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Maxdamantusand usually when I want to copy some files from someone else's computer, I expect to be able to just do something like `touch tmpdisk && truncate -s20G tmpdisk && mkfs.vfat -F32 tmpdisk && modprobe g_file_storage file="$PWD"/tmpdisk`10:00
brolin_empeyI had to stop using my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 around a year ago because the Android 4.4 OS became too antiquated to run lots of current software, not because I needed more than 32 GB of fixed flash memory.  The SD card reader/writer does not work on my Galaxy Note 3 so I had only 32 GB of eMMC for everything.10:01
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brolin_empeyExtended support for Windows 7, which was originally released in 2009, ended only this week but the HTC Dream, the first computer to ship with Android, was originally released only in 2008.10:07
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brolin_empeyThe upgrade treadmill for Android and other consumer mobile OSes seems to be much faster than for “desktop” OSes that have been evolving since the 1990s or earlier.  Mac OS X has a fast upgrade treadmill, which may be part of the reason for its small market share/installed base.10:13
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badcloud_21Does anyone have a working sources.list for easydebian?17:10
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badcloud_21If I'm running stock maemo, no CSSU, will an armhf img of Debian work with easydebian?17:34
badcloud_21Or does it have to be armel17:35
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badcloud_Is there some hack that makes skype work in maemo?23:01
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