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fx-pcHello everyone09:30
fx-pcanyone there?09:36
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KotCzarnyusual way of irc 'ask, then hang around to see if anyone answers'09:40
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fx-pcHāhā, xièxiè5/5000haha, thank you09:46
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sixwheeledbeastwas there a question or did I disconnect?20:01
sixwheeledbeastor neither i suppose.20:01
KotCzarnyhe was afazed by irc awesomeness20:01
KotCzarnyotoh my n900 doesnt turn on or charge for some reason20:01
KotCzarnywhen i connect charger orange lights for a split second20:02
KotCzarnythen nothing20:02
KotCzarnyany idea what could be wrong/20:02
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KotCzarnymost likely20:15
KotCzarnyi wonder if i have a spare somewhere handy20:16
sixwheeledbeastdoesn't leaving it on charger for an hour or so do anything?20:16
KotCzarnyapparently not20:16
KotCzarnyone particular thing it did, when i first connected it today, it lit into steady orange20:17
KotCzarnybut then no reaction20:17
KotCzarnyonly short flash when reconnecting usb cable20:17
sixwheeledbeastflat battery20:19
infobotRemove battery for 1 minute. Insert battery. Plug powered ***NOKIA WALLCHARGER*** to device. Watch steady amber. Let sit and charge. Do NOT try to boot. After 30 min, you got either a) a booted up N900, b) flashing amber which means you can boot, c) steady amber shut off -> start over again with ~flatbatrecover while already searching for a new battery. CAVEAT! Only works when ~rootfs OK (no ~bootloop)20:19
KotCzarnyya, i know, but as i've said, no reaction20:20
KotCzarnybut i think i checked battery with multimeter and it was ~3.620:20
bencoh3.6V should be fine20:23
KotCzarnyyeah, but it was ~2 weeks ago20:23
bencohI mean, it's pretty much nominal20:23
KotCzarnyand now no reaction20:23
KotCzarnybut the n900 was powered off for that period20:24
bencohwell, you could check again20:24
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bencohwith a multimeter20:24
KotCzarnytrying to, but it shows 020:25
KotCzarnyfound the spare20:27
KotCzarnyn900 is alive20:27
KotCzarnyoh well, the bad one was some noname anyway 'capacity q10 1600mAh' i got when buying one of the n900s20:28
bencohwhich reminds me I should buy a new polarcell20:37
KotCzarnythat guy from germany still sells them?20:37
infobotextra, extra, read all about it, polarcell is BL-5J Replacement - Wannasee Electronic on Ebay or
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VajbProbably that battery just got so low on voltage that protective circuit cut connections to battery terminals20:55
VajbIf you remove the cap you can see battery connectors before circuit and measure from there20:56
VajbHmm I think I wrote cirquit. Hooray for autocorrection20:57
KotCzarnycircuit is the right word20:58
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VajbHuh I stand autocorrected21:00
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