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DocScrutinizer05happy 2020!00:42
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KotCzarnycheers mate01:12
sixwheeledbeastHappy 1577836800 :)02:02
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brolin_empeyHappy Anno Domini MMXX?09:31
brolin_empeyI wanted to replace a paper business card I have had in my wallet for maybe already at least a month by now with a contact in my Google account so I used CamScanner for Android to scan the business card and tried to set the resulting image file as the avatar/picture for the contact but I forgot that Google Contacts insists that the user use only a square portion of a rectangular but not square image provided by the user, which I guess makes sense for the09:51
brolin_empeycommon use case of using a picture of a person but it is a big meh for this use case of trying to reduce the amount of paper/clutter I carry with me.09:51
brolin_empey ?10:24
brolin_empeyOr ?  I never knew this song had a music video until now, heh.10:28
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sixwheeledbeasttransfer it into contact details, archive the biz card11:37
brolin_empeyThat is what I already did but I wanted to set the scanned image of the paper card as the image for the contact so I could see the card even if I am not at home where my card file (correct term?) is but it does not matter in practice that the contact lacks the image.11:41
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sixwheeledbeastI see, i don't think it would bother me too much for me. after all it's the text content that's important on the card. I suppose I would be inclined to just have the company logo cropped as image.11:54
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brolin_empeyThe card is actually not really for a business but “business card” seems to be the standard term used for this type of card.12:33
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* enyc meows23:04
enycbrolin_empey: wow first person i've seen to give roman numeral new year ;p23:04
enycbrolin_empey: i was cycling up a hill and watching fireworks from up-top!23:05

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