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brolin_empeyWhat is the longest playback time on a single charge for in-ear headphones AKA “earbuds” using Bluetooth or possibly some other wireless technology?  At least one channel on the wired in-ear headphones I currently use has become intermittent so I need to buy new in-ear headphones again but I thought I should check to see if the battery runtime of wireless in-ear headphones has improved (increased) since my last market research for this type of product.07:09
brolin_empeyI bought wired headphones last time because the playback time for all of the Bluetooth headphones I checked was too short for my use case so I continue using wired headphones with a 25-ft (if I recall correctly) extension cord so I can walk to all parts of my apartment or office (as in the single room inside the building, not the whole building) while still wearing the headphones connected to my tower computer.07:09
brolin_empeyI forgot to say that I need stereophonic headphones so a headset for only one ear, as used for voice calls, will not suffice.07:12
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VajbI use JBL T450 headphones and am happy with those. Lasts easily thorough 8h workday. Not in-ear, but thought to mention incase you want to reconsider headphone type.12:06
VajbHmm T450BT might be actual product12:06
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VajbAnd is it just me or do these latest in-ear headphones look like electric toothbrush heads?12:08
Vajbthey look ridiculous IMO12:09
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sixwheeledbeastI use a cheap FM transmitter and my N900 with headset if I want longer range audio.19:41
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buZzi like over-ear , keeps em warm20:09
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KotCzarnyis n900s fm transmitter that good/21:15
KotCzarnyotoh i only tested it in cars21:15
sicelohe seems to be using a different FM transmitter, not N90021:16
sixwheeledbeastding exactly fmrx on n900. transmitter is ok for 5-10m or so21:20
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VajbI used n900 FM transmitter with Peltor FM radio hearing protectors. Not perfect but bearable.21:51
xmnthats pretty cool21:53
sixwheeledbeastdidn't know they where a thing22:08
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