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DocScrutinizer05>>Let high-level applications pull in low-level dependencies?<< alas that's how maemo is FUBAR by design. Zhe dependencies *never* were managed in any sane way, it always was a "take it all or leave it" "meta distro"00:46
DocScrutinizer05you install a shitload of apps by "flashing a ROM image" and none of all those apps and programs gets a sane dependency metainfo for apt00:48
DocScrutinizer05CSSU ntried to inprove the situation but it always been a uphill battle00:49
DocScrutinizer05I also asked freemangordon to create a neo-fremantle built from scratch and just explicitly importing blobs we have no source for. So all apps would get their deb pkg incl clean comprehensive dependencies. Seems I never managed to convey the purpose of such exercise00:56
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Wizzupleste already is doing this, though.05:11
Wizzupit's literally built on top of debian, package by package.05:11
WizzupHas a meta package too.05:15
OksanaLet's hope Leste's meta-package doesn't depend on modest-l10n-itit or libtinymailui-gtk-1.0-0 or libqtm-sensors or libqt4-webkit or libqt4-test or libqt4-sql-sqlite or libqt4-meegographicssystemhelper or qtquickcompat or ...05:26
* Oksana is of opinion that meta-package should depend on things like hildon-desktop , where hildon in its turn pulls in Gtk2 or Gtk3 or Qt (but not a mixture of them - there has got to be a consistency), and similarly I would have found it nice if osso-calculator-ui depended on hildon widgets only - not on Gtk or Qt - but I ask for too much, it seems05:31
WizzupYou can verify that now05:38
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sixwheeledbeastThe goals are different tho. You could argue Maemo was never designed to be messed with in this way. Metapackage would make sense for people with varying degrees of *nix knowledge that Nokia where looking for at the time. Leste is a different thing altogether it's is looking at it from another POV, not saying this is wrong BTW.18:41
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sixwheeledbeastIntel to remove older drivers and BIOS from website.
buZzthank god for archive.org19:20
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