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OksanaWhat is the procedure to compile apkenv deb for Maemo 5 Fremantle? Because releases at include only one deb file - probably for Maemo 6 Harmattan?00:56
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OksanaAnd apt-cache search apkenv yields nilch.00:56
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gillbi would like a 720p sunlight readable credit-card size screen watch01:15
gillbwith batteris IN THE STRAPS, so the body is thin01:15
Oksanagillb: 720p is a tall order, would run out of battery very fast. Unless it's a eInk display? And batteries in the straps are doable, have a look at Pebble's Smart Strap.01:50
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gillbOksana: no backlighting01:55
gillbeither transflective, memory-tft or e-ink type display is possible01:55
gillbalso 720p on credit card size screen is same dpi as a 1440p 5.5" phone01:56
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brolin_empeyIt is remarkable how low resolution the 1080×1920 AMOLED display on the Galaxy Note 3 seems after using the IPS AMLCD on the LG G5.08:44
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brolin_empeyAgain, I forgot how heavy a notebook computer is compared to a handheld computer.  I am using my Dell Latitude X1 running Windows 8.1 Enterprise for x86-32 to remotely control Windows 10 Enterprise for x86-64 on my office computer via the RDP over a Hamachi Virtual LAN.  I am using the Quassel IRC client on my office computer to write this message.  So far, the RDP connection/session seems stable so I guess the RDP client on my home computer crashes soon09:30
brolin_empeyafter connecting to my office computer because of a software problem with the partially-broken Windows installation on my home computer, not because of the network connection between my home LAN and office LAN.09:30
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brolin_empeysixwheeledbeast^: Synnex Canada is currently offering the WDS100T2B0A model of 1-TB 2.5-inch SATA SSD for only 139.45 CAD.  Is that an unusually low price?10:07
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brolin_empeyHmm, is offering this model for only 144.99 CAD including shipping.  I did not realise how much the prices of (SATA) SSDs have fallen in only approximately 15 months since I bought this model.10:14
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MaxdamantusThe TBW ratings (at least on Samsung EVO/QVO SSDs have also greatly increased)10:17
Maxdamantusto something like 2400/1400 TBW repspectively10:17
MaxdamantusI 850 EVO only had something like 170 TBW.10:18
Maxdamantuss/I/I think/10:18
infobotMaxdamantus meant: I think 850 EVO only had something like 170 TBW.10:18
* Maxdamantus has done almost 9 TBW on his 850 EVO.10:19
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* KotCzarny has only 129813961 lbas on his 850pro10:32
MaxdamantusThat's 0.06 TB10:32
Maxdamantus(should have mentioned that my numbers all relate to 1 TB drives)10:33
KotCzarnybut i strongly suspect that some parts might be more used than the rest10:33
KotCzarnythis one is 128G10:33
Maxdamantusin theory the SSD should be doing wear-levelling itself to avoid that.10:34
KotCzarnyin practice it's implementation specific and often buggy10:34
MaxdamantusHow do you know?10:35
KotCzarnybecause my 128gb samsung evo+ died with little usage10:35
MaxdamantusOh, was talking about SSDs, not SD cards.10:35
MaxdamantusSD cards are always going to be unreliable.10:36
KotCzarnyyeah, me too, just mentioning sdcard in regards of wear levelling not always doing what it advertises10:36
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