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WikiwideOne of Nokia N900s has a very strange display problem:
WikiwideI think it's a software problem, not hardware, because in welcome wizard (set date, time and everything) the buttons were displayed in duplicate (one row on top, one on bottom of display).13:46
KotCzarnyyou have the same effect here13:46
KotCzarnypart of the top is displayed at the bottom13:47
WikiwideDoes it sound like it needs a reflash? And how do I double-check that there are no files in need of rescue?13:47
KotCzarnyi bet on hw problem13:47
KotCzarnyyou can quickly check by transplanting whole display part from the working one13:47
KotCzarnyit's a quick check (only 4 screws to remove)13:48
WikiwideSo it's possible for hardware problem to cause such a move of row of buttons in the middle of screen to "one row on top, one on bottom"?13:48
WikiwideWill check later. It's night here. I have spare LCD, but I don't expect to have a spare flex ribbon.13:49
KotCzarnyyou can confirm by checking with working display13:49
KotCzarnydo you have another n900?13:49
KotCzarnywould be easier than transplanting flex between displays13:49
WikiwideYes, but I am thinking of how to keep number of working n900s as high as possible.13:49
KotCzarnyit would be just for a test13:50
KotCzarnynot a permanent move13:50
KotCzarnyyou would know what path to pursue then13:50
WikiwideEven if the one with weird display issue is going to be delegated to "tiny web server" usage, due to lack of cellular connectivity.13:51
WikiwideGood night. Thank you!13:51
MaxdamantusWikiwide: maybe try booting something like uboot over USB, since that should involve rendering to the display without relying on any software currently on the device.13:52
Maxdamantusor the rescueOS.13:52
KotCzarnywhen i dropped the samsung phone it had similar effect of doubled screen13:52
KotCzarnyjust in different pattern (every 2-3rd row)13:52
MaxdamantusYeah, I've certainly had that sort of effect on LCD displays due to hardware issues (not on N900).13:53
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