IRC log of #maemo for Wednesday, 2019-10-09

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brolin_empeyI was going to reply to sixwheeledbeast but they are no longer here.12:19
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brolin_empeyI was looking for a low-cost replacement for my SyncMaster 275T that died.  I was curious to know the starting price of a used or refurbished >=1920×1080 plasma display because I have never had a plasma display but all of the >=1920×1080 plasma displays on my local Craigslist are at least 40 inch, which is huge compared to the <=27-inch video monitors I use.12:22
brolin_empeyMore generally, I think all of the plasma displays I found on my local Craigslist are at least 40 inch because they are all marketed as a television receiver, not a computer display (video monitor).12:24
* joga wonders why anyone wants a plasma in 201912:24
KotCzarnyclueless people, i guess12:25
KotCzarnyor the audophile kind, just in tv12:28
brolin_empeyI just explained why: because I have never had a plasma display so I am curious to try one and used ones are cheap now, even <=100 CAD asking price for 1920×1080 >=40 inch.  My parents are the only persons I know IRL who I know have a plasma display but theirs is only 1280×720, which is worthless as a computer display for my use case.12:29
jogaI've only seen them used in TVs and they're pretty obsolete by now, power consumption wise etc., really bulky too12:30
KotCzarnydo they burn out too?12:31
jogaoff the top of my head, I think they could have such issues, but can't remember12:31
KotCzarnyEarly Plasma TVs had a half-life of about 30,000 hours. However, due to technology improvements made in recent years, most plasma sets have 60,000-hour lifespans, with some sets rated as high as 100,000 hours12:32
jogathe really old laptops with plasma displays are pretty cool though12:33
KotCzarnyPlasma TVs are more susceptible to burn-in of static images12:33
KotCzarnythat means old plasmas that displayed particular channel might have some bad burnins12:33
brolin_empeyThe only reason I am looking at displays marketed as a television receiver instead of a video monitor is because I was interested in plasma displays;  all of the plasma displays I have found offered for sale in my area so far are marketed as a television receiver, not a video monitor.  I do not watch television because television is an irrelevant and obsolete medium in my opinion.12:35
jogawere they even ever manufactured for non-tv purposes?12:38
KotCzarnyas you've said, some laptops had similar tech12:39
jogayeah but really old monochrome ones from the 80s12:39
jogaapparently getting a high pixel density is hard with plasma and that's why you probably won't find a non-huge panel12:39
brolin_empeySome persons said that AMOLED displays have burnin but the display on my Galaxy Note 3 never had burnin that I could notice.  Some CRTs have burnin but the CRT video monitors from the 1990s or later that I used do not have burnin even if they display the same image for multiple days at once.  The image becomes blurry/fuzzy, though, which is part of why I stopped using them.12:41
jogaat my previous job I saw a lot of burnt in crts12:41
KotCzarnycrts are worst in that regard12:42
jogamostly because they were used for video surveillance stuff and often had had a mostly static image for years12:42
jogaso you could even read the old window titles clearly from the shadowy remains12:42
jogaactually, not just crts but lcds too12:43
jogawhich was actually surprising to me12:43
KotCzarnybut very old laptop lcds that ran norton perpetually, also show the same12:43
brolin_empeyI have seen CRTs with burnin IRL too but I meant that, in my own experience, the CRT video monitors I used did not have burnin.12:44
brolin_empeyDoes burnin happen at all with aperture grille CRTs?  Or only with monochromatic or shadow mask CRTs?12:48
buZzbrolin_empey: any fosfor based CRT12:48
buZzafaik thats all of them12:48
brolin_empeyOnly with direct-view CRTs, though?  Or with projection CRTs too?12:52
buZzwell, projection CRTs still have electrons hit fosfor to generate light12:52
buZzjust a lot more light and different focussing12:52
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Guest12949merlin1991: ping (joerg here)13:03
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Guest12949merlin1991: could you please check whats up with my ZNC/lagrange?13:04
brolin_empeyApparently telling sqlite to vacuum my quassel-storage.sqlite database file while my Quassel IRC core was still running was a mistake, heh.13:22
MaxdamantusBecause it causes quassel to hang?13:31
Maxdamantus(since I suspect you acquire a write lock when vaccuming)13:32
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brolin_empeyLong story short, something I did while trying to shrink the file size of my quassel-storage.sqlite file seems to have screwed up my Quassel configuration so that the Quassel client on my home computer or office computer sometimes does not show history from before the client started and sometimes stops showing history that it used to show even when neither the Quassel client nor the Quassel core have been restarted.  My income is too low for the expenses I13:59
brolin_empeyhave so I wanted to downgrade my virtual dedicated server from the 30 CAD per month plan to the 15 CAD per month plan but I thought I had to first shrink the file size of my quassel-storage.sqlite file because this file had grown too large because my Quassel configuration logs everything but I was idling/inactive in some busy channels for too long.  I used the Quassel client to delete the logs for the channels in which I was inactive after I left these13:59
brolin_empeychannels but this does not shrink the file size of the quassel-storage.sqlite file until sqlite is told to vacuum the file.  I never thought that I should stop the Quassel core before vaccuming (I do not know how to spell some of these words that I rarely write and I do not have GtkSpell nor whatever the equivalent for Qt is for my Quassel client.) the database file until things got screwed up and I had not backed up the database file before making unusual13:59
brolin_empeychanges to it because I was too optimistic.  This was, I guess, already multiple months ago by now so I do not remember the specifics.  In the end, it seems like I could have downgraded the plan/service level for my server without shrinking the quassel-storage.sqlite file because it looks like my server hosting company has actually doubled the memory (both volatile and non-volatile) quotas without updating the page on their Web site that has a table of the13:59
brolin_empeydifferent plans for virtual dedicated servers.  The only reason I had upgraded from the 15 CAD per month plan to the 30 CAD per month plan in the first place was because the quassel-storage.sqlite file had grown so large that it had filled the file system of my server but this was years ago, when my company was still able to pay me so I just upgraded the plan for the server because having an additional 15 CAD of fixed monthly expenses did not matter at the13:59
brolin_empeyApparently the province of Canada in which I live (British Columbia) has both among the lowest price for mains electricity in North America and among the highest cost for automotive road vehicle insurance because there is no competition for the non-optional insurance since this type of insurance changed from being offered by multiple private companies to being provided by only one company in around 1973.14:24
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brolin_empeyjoga: I finally opened your link.  That forum topic seems outdated.  The original poster says viewing a display with a fluorescent backlight is problematic for them.  That means they can use an LCD with an LED backlight;  they do not need a plasma display.16:16
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brolin_empeyIs it feasible to have a stereophonic receiver for medium-wave AM radio using a software-defined radio receiver?17:27
brolin_empeyOr for shortwave AM radio if that is ever used for more than one audio channel?17:28
Guest75353no such thing like stereo on AM17:29
Guest75353joerg here17:30
brolin_empeyGuest75353: Some commercial, terrestrial, analog, medium-wave AM radio stations broadcast stereophonic sound for multiple decades by now, at least in Canada and the USA, but most medium-wave AM radio receivers, at least hardware-defined ones, only receive one channel.  Please research the subject before making false claims.17:33
brolin_empeyStereophonic AM radio is decades old technology.17:35
Guest75353never heard of, also they are usually happy to transfer analog mono sound witout fade, hiss, and interference whistles17:36
brolin_empeySo what?  Are you going to claim that a diesel motorcycle or a rear-engine, 4-wheel-drive ICE vehicle does not exist either because you have never hard of them even though at least the latter has existed for decades but seemingly only in Volkswagen or Porsche vehicles?  I guess you would not claim that a diesel convertible car does not exist because you live in Europe, not in North America, where the current and third generation of Volkswagen Beetle is the17:41
brolin_empeyonly model of diesel convertible car I know of that is sold new but only in the USA, not in Canada.17:41
brolin_empeys/hard of/heard of/17:42
brolin_empeys/Volkswagen or Porsche/Volkswagen and Porsche/17:42
brolin_empeyAlso, a convertible car can have four normal side doors that all hinge at the front like is common with fixed-roof cars: the Peugeot 407 Macarena was built as a proof of concept of this technology but this technology has still not been used in a production model of vehicle as far as I know.17:45
Guest75353no, I'm only claiming you tought me something new in a 10 words sentence and then something irrelevant in 3 lengthy 80 words posts about cars17:48
Guest75353I'm also confessing I'm a loser cos I am totally disconnected from my whole infra with my ZNC server gone south. Well, prolly I could dig up the IRC ID password from xchat config file17:51
Guest75353neo900 still up so it's not hetzner punishing me for unpaid bills17:52
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infobotGuest75353: thanks17:53
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