IRC log of #maemo for Wednesday, 2019-10-02

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brolin_empeyHow would one register an Internet domain name before the advent of the World Wide Web and Web applications to register a domain name?  I guess by completing a form to be submitted via paper mail, electronic mail, or telefacsimile, more commonly known as fax?  Or did Network Solutions or some other early registrar have a telnet server or dial-up bulletin board system or something similar so the applicant could directly enter their application in the database12:26
brolin_empey of the registrar?  I was aged only two or three years when TimBL proposed the project that became known as the World Wide Web so I am too young to have even wanted to register a domain name before the registrars had a Web application for this purpose.12:26
sicelofor our TLD, you still fill in a paper form :-(12:29
brolin_empeysicelo: .za. ?  Are you in South Africa?  Or Swaziland?  Or some other country in Africa?12:35
brolin_empeyDid you have a Mercedes-Benz car that became damaged in a collision?  I remember discussing this with someone on IRC years ago but forgot who it was.12:37
sixwheeledbeastit a chicken and egg situation. Most would have e-mailed but I the first few must have had some other way. If you go back far enough there where distributed lists of names that you dropped in your hosts file.12:38
sixwheeledbeastThey would have been free back then tho12:39
brolin_empeyYes, reportedly the Domain Name System, which was created because manually maintaining the hosts database became too much work, has been used on the Internet since 1985.12:42
siceloSwaziland is the one with manual TLD application. .za is quite 'modern'12:46
brolin_empeyAnother historical question asked out of curiosity because I never had analog cellular connectivity: can an analog cellular modem be used for a circuit-switched data connection, like with wired POTS?  Again, I almost wrote “POTS service”.12:49
sixwheeledbeastIt's probably possible, people use internet over CB radio12:52
sixwheeledbeastwell tcp/ip anyway12:52
KotCzarnywhich is very wrong12:52
KotCzarnysince it's against radioquette12:53
sixwheeledbeastI think it has it's use cases but i wouldn't say it's a good idea12:53
KotCzarnyno, cb/ham freqs are specifically for human contact12:54
KotCzarnyno one is going to ban you for that, but it's wrong to abuse them\12:54
sixwheeledbeastI assumed packet radio had it's own band12:56
brolin_empeyAlso, is there a technical/engineering (not business/marketing) reason that Apple made the iPod Touch series instead of simply selling the iPhone series as a normal product without any subscription nor term contract so that someone who wanted a pocketable Apple iOS computer would use the iPhone series even if they did not have cellular connectivity?13:01
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sixwheeledbeastMost likely due to SIM lock in requirements13:33
brolin_empeyRight, I forgot about network locking. :-/13:34
sixwheeledbeastI mean they wouldn't want you to use your device as a PDA if your locked to a provider.13:35
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siceloalso in those days the 'phone' function was considered more important than any other features in the phone. even Nokia N-Gage requires SIM, although it could be argued that it was gaming-oriented13:46
KotCzarnyi think ngage runs fine without sim card13:47
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KotCzarnyat least i dont rmember having troubles using it without one13:47
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siceloah, my bl-5c doesn't have enough power to boot the N-Gage .. now to find where i (mis)placed the barrel charger13:49
sicelobut i recall that it refuses to work without SIM13:49
KotCzarnyi might check it in the evening to confirm if you wont find the charger earlier13:50
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siceloyes, requires SIM (N-Gage Classic) - maybe you have the QD?13:56
KotCzarnynah, classic13:56
KotCzarnythere is a chance i have some dummy (nonworking) sim in it13:56
siceloyes, likely :)13:56
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brolin_empeyWhat does it mean if my Samsung SyncMaster 275T (not 275T Plus, which already died) model of 27-inch 1920×1200 S-PVA AMLCD video monitor with fluorescent backlight suddenly and unexpectedly went completely blank (black) while I was using it normally and now it appears to still power off and back on normally but pressing all of the buttons other than Power on the front seems to have no effect?  It has an internal power supply so I cannot easily try replacing14:00
brolin_empey the power supply.  I cannot see anything on the display at all, which is different than the LCDs I have used where only the backlight died because then I could still see the image on the screen but the image was very dim.  I have been using this video monitor since I got it used in early 2010 so I guess it finally has some hardware failure but I would prefer to continue using it instead of it becoming electronic waste because it is still a very nice display14:00
brolin_empey even if it is very thick compared to modern LCD video monitors with an LED backlight.14:00
brolin_empeyI disconnected everything from the video monitor except for the AC power cord and the DVI cable but that did not seem to make a difference.14:04
brolin_empeyThis happened on Saturday, by the way, not just now.  Since Saturday the video monitor has been sitting on the floor with nothing connected to it.14:04
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brolin_empeyThe failure has to be in the video monitor because I am still using the same AC power cord and DVI cable with a spare 19-inch 1280×1024 TN AMLCD video monitor.  My office computer has been running continuously without backup power for 116 days.14:09
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brolin_empeyWell, I suppose I should say that it has been standing on the floor since it is using the stand, not a wall mount.14:14
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brolin_empeyI have not even tried to open/dissasemble it but maybe a capacitor blew on the power supply board?  But then how does it still appear to power off and back on when I press the Power button on the front?14:19
brolin_empeyI have at least one 19-inch 1280×1024 AMLCD video monitor with internal power supply that failed but was fixed by my friend replacing at least one capacitor on the power supply board.14:21
sixwheeledbeastThere is normally a group of capacitors that need replacing14:24
sixwheeledbeastIt's not in the power supply section i think they feed the scaling board but I am not certain. Fixed two or three syncmaster by replacing caps14:25
brolin_empeyLCD SyncMaster or CRT SyncMaster?14:26
brolin_empeyAnyway, I should try to open/dissasemble it to check for blown/bulging capacitors or other failures that are obvious with only a visual (naked eye) inspection.14:30
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sixwheeledbeastlcd 17 and 19 4:314:51
sixwheeledbeastcaps blew from the bottom so visual inspection wasn't enough14:52
brolin_empeyOK but if it is 1280×1024 then it is 5:4 , not 4:3 . ;-)14:53
brolin_empey1280×960 is 4:3 .14:54
brolin_empeyAnyway, I removed the stand but do not see how to continue?  I do not see any more screws to remove?14:56
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siceloplastic tabs probably. my SyncMaster 2033sw has them ... i'm glad i don't have capacitor issues yet, but the button assembly developed a fault. resoldering the connections (it's just switches) helped somewhat, although one of them still doesn't work reliably well15:03
brolin_empeyNormal push buttons (momentary switches)?  The SyncMaster 2243WM that is displaying my IRC client (I have a triple-head desktop computer) uses capacitive switches instead of mechanical push buttons for the “buttons” on the front.15:07
sixwheeledbeastplastic tabs all round the bezel15:07
siceloi broke two of the tabs; luckily those were areas close to screws15:08
sixwheeledbeasti thought they would be a nightmare but as plastic push fit goes it was fine15:10
brolin_empeyIt is neat that the LCD SyncMaster models I have use the VESA FPMI (“VESA mount”) for the desktop stand included with the video monitor.  On other brands of LCD video monitors I have, at least LG, the desktop stand does not use the FPMI.15:13
brolin_empeyApparently at least one Acer model I have is the same as the LG models I have in that the desktop stand does not use the FPMI.15:15
brolin_empeyI think I have to find disassembly instructions because I am still stuck, do not know how to continue.15:24
brolin_empeyAm I just supposed to pry off the back part/cover?15:25
sixwheeledbeastpretty much, I found sliding guitar picks around the bezel pops it off.15:37
brolin_empeyI never use a “guitar pick” as a guitar pick any more, only to disassemble/open things. :-D15:38
KotCzarnyany hard plastic with sharpened edge will do15:41
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brolin_empeysixwheeledbeast: Are you familiar with the SyncMaster 275T?  The guitar pick just slides along without separating anything.15:45
sixwheeledbeastNot the right monitor but all the ones I have taken apart are like
brolin_empeyHave you disassembled a SyncMaster *T model?15:48
sixwheeledbeastI dont recall exact models they where all for friends or customers15:49
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brolin_empeyI found the user manual for the 275T online but have not yet found the service manual, assuming that one exists.19:31
brolin_empeySee pages 15 and 16 to see the front and back of this model with the case on/fully assembled.19:34
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