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sunshaviHi guys. Is there a way of avoiding than ESC + Backspace closes the osso-xterm window?06:53
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Maxdamantussunshavi: if it's the same behaviour that I've had problems with, it's not particular to osso-xterm.09:03
Maxdamantuseg, holding escape closes the settings window too.09:04
Maxdamantusand afaik most Maemo applications.09:04
Maxdamantus(though it doesn't seem to close something like urxvt, which I compiled myself)09:04
Maxdamantus(my escape key is currently accessible using a modifier, so I can't try pressing esc + backspace at the same time, but I definitely see xterm close if I hold down escape)09:06
Maxdamantus(also, I frequently experience it closing when using vim too quickly, which usually involves esc)09:07
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brolin_empeyDoes Mr. Clean use Vim? ;-)13:47
MaxdamantusWho wouldn't use vim?13:56
KotCzarnyme, if i have any other editor available. ;)13:58
brolin_empeyI used to use XEmacs over a decade ago but I switched to Vim partly because (X)Emacs is usually not installed by default but vi is usually always available.  GNU Emacs (but not XEmacs) even runs on MS-DOS/FreeDOS, though.14:02
brolin_empeyIs it feasible to have a single build of an ARM Linux kernel that runs on multiple brands of SoCs, such as, in the case of Samsung computers, both Qualcomm Snapdragon and Samsung Exynos?  I see on the OpenMoko community mailing list in 2015 that hns of the GTA04 project already had a single build of an ARM Linux kernel working on multiple models of computers using an OMAP SoC using different device trees for each model of computer, which made me wonder how14:11
brolin_empeymuch this concept can be generalised.  As I mentioned months ago, reportedly a single build of the Linux kernel for 68020 and higher could run on both Amiga and Atari ST computers in the 1990s so I guess it is possible to have a single build of a Linux kernel for ARM that supports diverse hardware platforms.14:11
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sunshaviMaxdamantus: Yeah I also have compiled xterm and Xterm does not close. I have chechked source code of osso-xterm. And I do not find anything related to it15:07
sunshavibrolin_empey: probabaly I am going to replace my zile on n900 with qemacs which seems to have some relation with xemacs :)15:08
Maxdamantussunshavi: can you check if you get your issue on the settings application?15:09
sunshavilet's see15:10
sunshaviMaxdamantus: You were right15:11
Maxdamantussunshavi: right, so it must be something either in some Maemo UI library (eg, their forked version of Gtk/Qt or something) or else something in hildon-desktop which treats "Maemo" applications specially somehow.15:13
MaxdamantusI know it also happens in Opera, which seems relatively separate from typical Maemo applications.15:13
Maxdamantussunshavi: also, do you get it immediately when pressing down esc + backspace, or do you have to hold them? If you have to hold them, I suspect the backspace is irrelevant.15:15
Maxdamantuser, when I said "hildon-desktop", I meant the window manager, which is called something else .. maybe just "matchbox" or whatever.15:16
Maxdamantusmeh, maybe hildon-desktop is the window manager.15:17
sunshavihold escape15:22
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brolin_empeyRegarding interactive calculator programs with persistent command history between sessions, apparently IPython has persistent command history between sessions at least when the application cleanly exits but apparently the session/scrollback buffer does not persist between sessions.  I find this remarkable because not even the input history persists between sessions with normal CPython/IDLE.18:23
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