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brolin_empeyIn my budget spreadsheet, how can I generalise “oil change” as the name of a category of expenses for private transportation so that it applies to a purely electric or ICE-electric hybrid vehicle in addition to a normal vehicle propelled only by an ICE and maybe even generalise it so that it is not specific to ground/land/road vehicles?05:08
brolin_empey“motor maintenance” or “powertrain maintenance”?05:11
brolin_empeyAlso, does an electric motor used to propel a vehicle have an equivalent of a spark plug or glow plug for an ICE used to propel a vehicle?05:14
brolin_empeyMaybe “analog of” is better in this case?05:14
brolin_empeyMaybe I could find something that covers both the ICE Golf (retronym for normal Volkswagen Golf) and EGolf (purely electric, battery-powered version of the Golf) to see what terminology it uses.05:18
brolin_empey“consumable parts for motor” instead of “spark plug or glow plug”?  Then it would include points in old spark-ignition vehicles with a points distributor instead of electronic fuel ignition, though.05:33
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sixwheeledbeastI am in the correct chat...?09:34
sixwheeledbeastFor business a lot depends if your doing business expenses and if so what that countries policy it is and type of business.09:36
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sixwheeledbeastWhat the hell systemd-homed ... why do home directories need to be "more portable".09:59
KotCzarnyjust burn it with fire10:00
KotCzarnyuse devuan10:00
brolin_empeysixwheeledbeast: I thought that some persons here are knowledgeable about vehicle technology.  Is there even an on-topc channel (on freenode) for this type of question?  The only channels I am still always in on freenode are #maemo , #maemo-leste , #neo900 , and a geographically local and mostly inactive channel (#vanlug).10:24
sixwheeledbeastKotCzarny:  Definitely if systemd-homed is a dependency to the other guff.10:24
sixwheeledbeastbrolin_empey: I thought I was in #gnucash for a moment10:25
sixwheeledbeastStill there are a lot of variables as above.10:26
brolin_empeyHmm, is this the first time I have used an HP (notebook) computer with an AMD x86 platform?10:36
brolin_empeyI almost forgot that I have an HP notebook computer (2133 Mini-Note) with a VIA x86 platform.10:37
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sixwheeledbeastSo did I misunderstand the question I thought it was a finical question more than a mechanical question about vehicles?10:41
brolin_empeyIt is a question about vehicles.  I did not need to say that it is for my budget spreadsheet but I am trying to make the names of categories in this document as general as possible so I wanted to avoid adding something specific to an ICE but I do not know enough about vehicle technology to know how to generalise the term used for a normal ICE vehicle.10:44
sixwheeledbeastEV's generally don't have small consumable parts. The are practically a write off when the batteries are expired11:00
sixwheeledbeastI would say "Vehicle Maintenance" "Vehicle Consumables" and "Vehicle Capital" would catch all?11:02
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WikiwideI am terribly exhausted. Which combination of 'decoders-support', 'ogg-support' and 'Multimedia Pack' is required to be able to play videos? Currently, I cannot even play videos recorded by Nokia N900 camera.14:08
WikiwideAdd to that that I haven't been able to record videos with my camera for a long time (only photographs), and that Mappero for unfathomable reason depends on ogg-support...14:11
WikiwideShould I say "bust it" and just install files from and hope it fixes something?14:14
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WikiwideI am not even asking for mod support. Or even ogg support. I just want reasonable maps application (mappero is nice, why does it have dependency on ogg-support?..) and ability to play videos (at the very least those recorded by Nokia N900 camera)14:31
sixwheeledbeastI have no issues with maps using either modrana or SMM. I don't seem to have issues with playing videos either but not at 720p14:34
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sixwheeledbeastn900 records a 480p mp4 and that opens fine with media player14:36
WikiwideDoesn't. Well, let me see again after reboot...14:37
WikiwideMyDocs are already mounted, but tracker hasn't woken up yet.14:38
sixwheeledbeasttracker-cfg you can tweak some settings if you need14:42
sixwheeledbeastwhile it's a PITA when tracker goes wrong i rarely have an issue with it.14:43
WikiwideHomefs: free space: 37.7M. Is that sufficient for tracker to run? Because currently tracker status is 'Paused'14:45
WikiwideTracker's threshold for operation is 1% of space being available. Which filesystem?14:47
sixwheeledbeastno idea but if your having issues with multiple things maybe space is the issue?14:48
WikiwideBecause the only filesystem that has over 98% used MyDocs.14:48
Wikiwideis * MyDocs14:48
sixwheeledbeastCan you move some to a uSD?14:48
WikiwideNay, I do not use a uSD. Because memory cards, just like USB sticks, are use-and-lose things. Very tiny...14:50
Wikiwide31.3M free of 27G MyDocs, and it is still considered 100% full! How does df -h do maths?14:59
buZzwell, thats 0.1% free ?15:01
buZzdf doesnt do decimals for 'use%'15:01
WikiwideAlright... Which files can I delete to free up 240M?..15:02
KotCzarnybackup old photos ?15:07
WikiwideAlright, I just deleted Navit's map of Australia. 300M which I can re-download later when I start using Navit.15:14
WikiwideTracker still complains, even though df -h confirms that 'only' 99% of MyDocs are in use.15:18
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KotCzarnyfree more15:23
WikiwideRemoved Cyclemap tiles from Mapper (how is Mapper different from .maps?)15:24
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Wikiwide345.1M free on MyDocs15:28
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Wikiwide349.8M free on MyDocs15:34
sixwheeledbeastYou don't loose them if they stay in the device.15:45
WikiwideAnd where would I move them? rootfs has 39MB free, but filling it would be a death sentence. Homefs has 37MB free, but that's needed for email, conversations and tracker.15:51
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WikiwideHaven't got around to using one of this yet.15:51
Wikiwidethese *15:51
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KotCzarny32gb are cheap as heck15:52
KotCzarnygrab sandisk endurance once, they have better thermal endurance15:52
WikiwideI know. But in our house, even USB sticks get lost easily - keeping memory card from being lost would be difficult.15:52
KotCzarnymake it permanent in your n90015:53
WikiwideBetter thermal endurance... Nice, thank you! :-)15:53
KotCzarnyie. forget that it's removable15:53
KotCzarnyyeah, they might not be fast, but they are made to be used in car cameras15:54
KotCzarnyso have to endure direct sun ;)15:54
KotCzarnymight be only marketing talk, but they are a bit more expensive than regular sandisks15:54
KotCzarnyfor data (photos, maps) they will be good enough though15:55
KotCzarnyrecently i had to inventorize my sdcards15:56
KotCzarnyi have 20-30 of them15:56
sixwheeledbeastThe only time I remove the uSD is to upgrade it to something bigger and I haven't done that in 5 years or so15:56
KotCzarnyblack marker and .txt file to the help15:56
KotCzarnyswb: or when it dies? ;)15:56
sixwheeledbeastno had one die yet, even with swap on it15:56
KotCzarnyi had one 128gb samsung evo+ that died for me15:57
KotCzarnywas used lightly for armbian/rootfs/data15:57
sixwheeledbeastalways used sandisk15:57
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sixwheeledbeastnot saying samsung isn't a reputable company tho, they seem to get good reviews especially for NVMe drives15:58
KotCzarnyit didnt exactly die, but went readonly15:59
KotCzarnymost likely some block reached specific number of writes15:59
WikiwideAt least, can get data off it15:59
KotCzarnyya, but 128gb costed a bit16:00
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sixwheeledbeastI am still amazed you can fit 1tb on one.16:04
WikiwideSo am I.16:05
KotCzarny3d tlc ? :>16:06
KotCzarnyor qlc even16:06
KotCzarnybut i suspect temperature would wreak havoc on reliability16:06
Wikiwide405.9MB free. And no, quantum computing is not in mass-production yet.16:06
sixwheeledbeastlikely "MLC". Local shops dont stock anything smaller than 32g16:08
Wikiwide441.5M free, tracker still stuck16:10
Wikiwide486.4M free, tracker still stuck16:19
WikiwideChanged configuration from 1 to -1, tracker unstuck16:21
WikiwideOf course, it has to re-index everything, even though I didn't delete databases.16:22
WikiwideOf course, re-indexing will take at least an hour.16:24
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WikiwideTracker seems to work. But video still not working. Media format not supported, or Video codec not supported, depending on file.16:37
WikiwideSo which is better, ogg-support, xiph-support, or decoders-support?16:40
WikiwideWhat does "Media format not supported" mean, even? I can understand "Codec not supported", "go install more codecs", but 'media format' eludes me.16:45
WikiwideLike MPEG-4? What could the problem be?16:54
WikiwideI can see thumbnail of a video, where tracker has just re-indexed the videos. I cannot play it because Media format not supported.16:55
WikiwideGranted, most videos don't even have thumbnails.16:56
WikiwideNo connection to server, what does that error mean?17:20
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