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brolin_empeyFrom the lame software department:06:45
brolin_empeyThis is what is accepted as input by software that does not even try to validate user input:06:45
brolin_empeyThis is what happens when software is developed by someone who thinks the whole planet is the USA:06:45
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brolin_empeyEh, “hairygrama” is seriously the name of an ARM Linux machine type?10:14
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brolin_empeyAll I can seem to find about this machine type is the definition in and other copies of this file.10:47
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sicelosilly question - please remind me why one would buy RHEL instead of running the other distros?21:40
siceloonly that?21:41
KotCzarnytime is money21:41
siceloi understand, but not entirely :)21:42
siceloWindows Server (and associated CALs) for example costs money to buy, then to configure/support you still got to pay a certified person21:42
siceloso RHEL .. i understand time is money. which time? config/troubleshooting? i still must pay an RH-certified person?21:43
siceloi'll look this up some more later21:46
KotCzarnybest to ask someone working in enterprise21:46
KotCzarnyas they will be properly trained to answer such question21:46
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warfaresicelo: Easy, you buy RHEL so you have someone to blame if $thing doesn‘t work.22:18
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Maxdamantusafaik you don't actually buy RHEL since you can just run it yourself if you want. You buy the support from RedHat and they support you running RHEL (rather than some other system that they are not responsible for).22:45
MaxdamantusI don't think there's anything stopping you running RHEL anyway.22:45
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KotCzarnyapart from having better distros available?22:47
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KotCzarnybut every task has its tools22:47
MaxdamantusHm, actually, they don't seem to offer it as a download without a subscription, and apparently others are not allowed to redistribute it.22:53
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warfareMaxdamantus: They do, it‘s called CentOS.23:17
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DocScrutinizer05hu warfare!23:52
DocScrutinizer05hi even23:52
DocScrutinizer05CentOS was the OS of choice my first vserver provider and OM Admin preinstalled for me on my cloud-7 server23:57
DocScrutinizer05/kick *[m]*!*@*  matrix glitch23:58

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