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brolin_empeyxmn: Not me but I never had a Pebble.11:07
brolin_empeyI was curious to know if I can use my USB flexible disc drive (3.5-inch, supports both DD and HD discs) with Android 8 on my LG G5.  So far I have not had any success but I do not know if a special Linux driver needs to be loaded to use a USB flexible disc drive?  Is a USB flexible disc drive just a normal USB Mass Storage device like a USB SSD or USB HDD?  I guess the Linux “floppy” driver is only for drives using the oldskool IBM/Intel parallel11:12
xmnbrolin_empey, thanks for commenting. And unfortunately I don't use android enough to share any knowledge.11:30
brolin_empeyxmn: You are welcome.11:44
brolin_empeyI think a USB flexible disc drive is a normal USB Mass Storage device but I am not certain because I have only used this drive on Windows.11:44
Vajbdoes anyone have any experience about Xiaomi phones? Im thinking of buying Redmi Note 7 pro and installing LineageOs in it.12:37
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brolin_empeyVajb: Most if not all models of Android smartphones from Xiaomi have a difficult to access and remove battery if I recall correctly.  That means that I never bought one.12:43
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Vajbyes, Im aware of that, but I don't consider it as a big problem. I have few devices without removable battery and they work well enough. And if I have to go to some sensitive place -> I just leave my phone home.12:49
brolin_empeyWait until the battery expands/bulges.  Then you will have a problem if you cannot access the battery to remove it.12:52
Vajbwell if it bulges enough it'll remove itself :)12:55
Vajbthat actually happened to one mp3 player that I had12:55
Vajbbrolin_empey: do you have some recommendation which has similiar specs than redmi note 7 pro and has removable battery?12:56
VajbIm looking for best fit among price / performance12:57
Vajbthat Xiaomi phone has 6gb of ram and Snapdragon 675 cpu12:58
sicelothere are very few new phones with removable battery13:02
Vajbsicelo: I recall you saying that you use LineageOs in phone?13:02
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siceloold phone ... Motorola Droid 413:10
siceloand i used it on Samsung S4 before it fell and broke13:10
Vajbah ok13:18
brolin_empeyAlso, if I recall correctly, when I looked at Xiaomi Android smartphones probably at least a year ago by now, most if not all of them had an AMLCD instead of an AMOLED display.  I miss the AMOLED display of my Galaxy Note 3 since I switched to the LG G5 because I like what is supposed to be black to actually be black instead of grey.13:28
brolin_empeyVajb: I do not know that Xiaomi model off hand but do you like the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 with high-resolution AMOLED display and easily accessible and removable battery?  Galaxy Note 5 and later are not relevant to me because the battery being difficult to access and remove sucks.13:32
Vajbbrolin_empey: I have only used Samsung galaxy tab 2 and Samsung galaxy A5.13:34
brolin_empeyVajb: I meant do the specifications of the Galaxy Note 4 seem satisfactory to you?  I realise that the newest official OS is Android 6 but it can unofficially run up to at least Android 8 if I recall correctly.  I only have a Galaxy Note 3 but my father has a Galaxy Note 4 but he still uses the stock/official Android 6 OS.13:38
Vajbah, well I don't know the specs from memory, but will look at them thanks13:43
sicelonice, for such an old device .. of course it was flagship in its day13:45
brolin_empeyThe LG V20 looks nice too, still has an easily accessible and removable battery like the LG G5 but, like the LG G5, uses an AMLCD instead of AMOLED display if I recall correctly.13:47
VajbI wish it had more ram, but otherwise nice device. Price range is good13:48
brolin_empeyI have some old notebook computers (IBM ThinkPad 700 series, Apple MacBook with white plastic case, pre-unibody) that still have the original, easily removable battery that has not expanded but the computer will not power on if the battery is connected, which would be a problem if I could not easily remove the battery.13:53
brolin_empeyVajb: Do you mean the Galaxy Note 4?  Or LG V20?13:54
sicelothe three of time side by side,*,48mp,h990ds13:57
brolin_empeyPHP 3 is ancient.  I wonder if they are really still using PHP 3 in 2019 or if they are stuck with “.php3” in their URIs because their Web site was originally created by someone who did not know what they were doing.14:00
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brolin_empeyGSM is ancient too, is the original digital cellular network if I recall correctly.  A Nokia 1011 from 1992 is a GSM telephone (even though it is already technically a computer) but a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 or LG V20 is a user-programmable computer with a cellular modem that still supports GSM, not a telephone.14:07
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Vajbit seems that galaxy note 5 is not supported by lineageos15:20
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brolin_empeyGalaxy Note 5 or Galaxy Note 4?15:47
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brolin_empeyGalaxy Note 3 is supported by LineageOS.16:18
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