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brolin_empeysixwheeledbeast: I redd .  It is indeed interesting but it has a fan, lacks an integrated numeric keypad, and presumably requires disassembly to access the battery.  Also, it looks like the main memory may be fixed (soldered) on the motherboard instead of socketed?  The IPS AMLCD sounds nice but an AMOLED display would be more impressive.05:04
brolin_empeyIt also lacks integrated Ethernet connectivity and uses an old version of Bluetooth (4.x instead of 5.x).  Apparently it lacks a discrete GPU too.05:09
brolin_empeyThey are comparing it to some iPad model but all Apple iOS computers are fanless as far as I know.05:13
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brolin_empeyThe keyboard is not backlit either.05:27
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sixwheeledbeastbrolin_empey: that is correct re battery and memory
brolin_empeysixwheeledbeast: OK.  The soldered main memory sucks if the memory develops a bad bit, especially because it is non-ECC RAM as far as I can tell because I have not seen any mention of ECC RAM.11:01
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MaxdamantusIs ECC RAM really better than usual RAM when there's a bad bit? Presumably in either case, you could just use a software solution involving just not using a particular page of RAM.11:58
KotCzarnyecc means error CORRECTING without any workarounds11:59
KotCzarnyyour solution is similar to 'are hardware modems better than software ones'11:59
KotCzarnyyes, they are.11:59
KotCzarnyecc works at dram's speed, software solution would slow down dram to cpu speed12:01
KotCzarnyor worse12:01
MaxdamantusSure, but aiui you can only recover from one bit of error, so all you're doing is turning the bad bit of ECC RAM into a good bit of non-ECC RAM.12:02
KotCzarnydepends on ecc used12:02
KotCzarnyin case of 1bit, yeah12:02
KotCzarnybut there are higher grades too12:02
Maxdamantusso .. what you'd want to do is detect that there's a problem with that bit, and tell your software to stop mapping pages to that location in RAM.12:03
* brolin_empey is a night owl in a diurnal human world. Sigh.12:03
KotCzarnyits already in linux kernel12:03
KotCzarnyyou can map out bad memory for 10-15 years already12:04
KotCzarnyhow do i know? because i used that long time ago12:04
MaxdamantusRight, so once you've got a bad bit, there's no point in relying on ECC to correct it.12:04
Maxdamantussince you can just stop using it.12:05
KotCzarnybut you are now talking about bad ram modules12:05
KotCzarnyecc is about bit flips resulting in physical temporary events12:05
KotCzarnyie. radon gas (radioactivity) bit flipping12:05
MaxdamantusRight, that's what I've assumed is the main point of ECC, not in handling bad RAM.12:05
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sixwheeledbeastI wouldn't be expecting many laptops/foobooks to have ECC most tablets would be soldered14:39
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brolin_empeyI correctly guessed that Python 2.7.x has a function named “round”, which seems to solve my aforementioned floating point “problem”.21:40
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brolin_empeyIncidentally: This is cool:
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