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WikiwideCamera is exhausting. I think it is a misconfiguration problem, but I do not see how that is possible - there are no options that could be misconfigured, to begin with.14:49
WikiwideCamera crashes randomly. That can be attributed to: 1) lack of RAM; 2) wearing out hardware. Other applications, like Conversations, sometimes randomly crash, too. Not simultaneously.14:50
WikiwideCamera, when asked to take a video, writes down audio with black rectangle instead of whatever is happening in front of the camera. Very lightweight files... And very useless. It's like an audio recorder.14:51
KotCzarnyreinstall camera drivers if you have messed with them?14:55
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WikiwideHaven't messed with them, I think. But just in case... How do I reinstall them?14:55
MaxdamantusWikiwide: how big is your DSCF directory? At some point my camera-ui was crashing until I moved the files out of there.14:56
bencohdpkg -S on relevant file, and reinstall package I guess14:56
KotCzarnybut also yeah, what maxd have said14:56
KotCzarnymaybe you have too many photos14:57
* Maxdamantus just occasionally runs a script now that moves the photos into a directory based on the month.14:57
KotCzarnyi think FAT had directory limit14:57
KotCzarnybut then, it wouldnt save files with audio?14:57
MaxdamantusI don't think it was a FAT issue, since I would've been using ext[34] at the time.14:57
KotCzarnyso it's something with camera or it's drivers14:57
WikiwideDCIM is nearly 3k photographs, not counting videos. Is it sufficient to move files into DCIM's sub-directories? Or does it have to be located outside DCIM?14:59
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KotCzarnytry both15:00
KotCzarnystarting with outside option15:00
MaxdamantusPersonally, I move them outside, so dunno if making subdirectories there is sufficientp15:01
Maxdamantus(you can obviously try both)15:01
WikiwideSince I already have sub-directories inside DCIM, I will just move them over to .images aka Images. Will it help?..15:01
Maxdamantusbtw, I use "QImageViewer" to view photos, which afair seemed to work better with non-standard directories than the built-in viewer.15:03
WikiwideSee an example of video which has only black rectangle instead of whatever was in front of the camera:
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Maxdamantusmpv/mplayer/ffmpeg all just say that file has no video track.15:07
Maxdamantus(just an audio track)15:07
WikiwideFits well enough.15:08
Maxdamantusand extracting the audio stream results in a file the same size, so presumably there's no video anywhere in the file.15:09
Maxdamantus(in case there was some theory about the media data not being created correctly at the end, since in MP4 that stuff is at the end of the file for some reason)15:10
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WikiwideQuestion is, what can I reinstall to get camera to take videos?15:11
MaxdamantusPresumably the main packages involved would be omap3camd, camera-ui15:13
Maxdamantusand maybe libomap3cam15:13
MaxdamantusI would try just clearing the directory and `killall omap3camd camera-ui` though.15:14
Wikiwidekillall omap3camd: Operation not permitted15:16
Maxdamantusas root15:16
MaxdamantusI don't actually know if killing omap3camd is important, but killing both was certainly a helpful temporary fix until I realised my problems went away when I just moved the files out of DCIM15:18
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DocScrutinizer05the damn DSP blobs16:06
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