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hmw_metalabI got a mint condition N900 with package and all accesoires for €100. It even has the protective foil on. But I bought it to use it as my main phone. Uhm. I _really_ need to fix my old N900.05:38
sunshavitotalizator: lol05:43
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DocScrutinizer05warfare: xes: I got a domain which cost me 12 bucks/year and I want to hand over to maemo ownership. Could yu please take care and tell me what to do to transfer he domain to naeno?07:43
DocScrutinizer05maemo* even07:43
brolin_empeyhmw_metalab: All N900 are old. ;-)08:18
hmw_metalabHeheh. Didn't say, it was "new", did I? :)08:19
hmw_metalabAh, IC. Well.08:20
hmw_metalabMy _previous_ one refuses to charge. I inspected the USB port with a microscope and the solder looks fine. :(08:21
brolin_empeyStrange things often happen with electronics.  At my company, the integrated Ethernet controller on a desktop motherboard stopped working seemingly on its own.08:25
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KotCzarnythere are points on the board nearby you can check continuity08:36
hmw_metalabTried that, could not get a beep from the other end of the USB cable to any of the test points08:37
hmw_metalabIs there a service manualß08:37
KotCzarnythere should be08:38
KotCzarnygoogle for level 3 & 4 service manual08:38
hmw_metalabMaybe I can fix it08:38
KotCzarnyand i assume you have seen the usb fix threads?08:39
KotCzarnydarn, bot is missing again08:40
hmw_metalabnot yet08:40
hmw_metalab"Do not paint the phone"... Uhm. Okay, I won't08:46
hmw_metalabUse only the supplied or an approved replacement antenna.  ...  All of the above suggestions apply equally to the product, battery, charger or any accessory.08:47
hmw_metalabI want a battery with antenna!#08:47
brolin_empeySamsung Galaxy smartphone batteries have an NFC version, which I think means the battery contains an antenna for NFC?08:49
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KotCzarnybut that's a pro painting08:50
KotCzarnynot your regular shake-the-can one08:51
KotCzarnyie. done with a paint that wount get off easily08:51
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hmw_metalabKotCzarny: did you mean the page explaining how to use epoxy?09:14
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KotCzarnybot still missing and i dont have a link in history10:43
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bencoh<+infobot> extra, extra, read all about it, usbfix is - and **NEVER** use epoxy (unless you want to seal your device for underwater), or, you will basically need two irons: a small good one (or better hot-air reflow) and a 60+ Watt, or to avoid breakage, see ~usb-unplug10:52
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Vajbfacebook-purple seems to be broken. Whines about invalid username or password. Haven't change neither and it still works with browser so I suppose blame is on purple.10:59
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sicelomine was working, Vajb ... but let me confirm11:02
sicelotwo messages just came in ;)11:03
siceloclosed and re-opened pidgin .. works fine.11:05
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Vajbhmm. For me it does not work. Tried re-starting pidgin with same results11:39
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siceloyou can start pidgin in debug mode ... hopefully that'll tell you what's wrong11:45
Vajbit gives me nothing more detailed. It accepts cert and tells me that username or password was incorrect12:01
Vajberr invalid12:01
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siceloVajb: how about deleting the account and re-add it14:50
* sicelo starts looking at KaiOS, longingly14:50
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brolin_empeyWhy do humans exist?16:48
Vajbbrolin_empey: they provide electricity for machines. Didn't you see Matrix.16:53
brolin_empeyVajb: Are you saying that god is in the television?16:56
brolin_empeyI recently realised that, in around a decade, I went from not having a spreadsheet application on my handheld computer because I did not want to spend something like around thirty dollars on TinySheet (correct name?) for Palm OS to using Google Sheets for Android over a cellular Internet connection.17:01
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