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timelessOk, installing the right pairing of firmware got management working01:24
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timelessAnd now i'm back to the stupid software sending me an email every 10 mins complaining the battery is bad01:49
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sunshaviHi docscrutinizer51: If I would like to use a couple of batteries {one a polarcell and the other a chinese battery} after doing the charge-cycle y could store the values for reusing it later. When putting the other brand battery? and not repeating the charg-cycle again07:21
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siceloafaik that's not possible.08:15
sunshaviHi sicelo08:18
sunshavimmm. too bad for me08:18
sunshavianyway. I am going to do it now. my phone (now table without modem working). It has been waiting for me almost a month fully charged08:19
sunshavisicelo: is this the procedure?08:20
sunshavisicelo: thanks. I am going to do it08:28
sunshavii was thinking it's juist one cycle. But they are five08:35
KotCzarnyor just use it and stop worrying about it?08:40
sunshavias it is the device turn off without any notification. I need it to tell me when it have 5% capacity08:41
KotCzarnylet it turn off few times, and charge, it will calibrate on use?08:43
sunshaviIt has not happened in the past08:44
KotCzarnyyou probably need to be careful when it goes down to ~10% then08:45
KotCzarnythen do the correct discharge end and start charging before it powersoff itself08:46
KotCzarnyie. try not to induce high usage below 10%08:46
sunshavi"correct discharge" is with ""?08:47
KotCzarnyjust to observe when it triggers cycle end08:47
sunshaviok. btw my new phone is a nokia 1208b from 2007. :)08:48
KotCzarnyhuh :)08:48
siceloand my daily is a Nokia N-Gage from 2003 (plus the N900)08:48
sunshavisicelo: that's is my case now the n900-tablet and the 120808:49
KotCzarnyif you are going feature phone, why not 3310 ? ;)08:49
sunshavi3310-2017 edition?08:49
KotCzarnynope, the original08:49
sunshavior the classic one?08:49
sunshaviwell. That would be nice. But the 2017 edition has 16 Gb mem anb bt ;)08:50
KotCzarnybah, it's still a feature phone ;)08:50
sunshavithe most important piece for me is the keyboard08:51
sunshavieven the 1208 (which I have just undusted) has a nice keyboard and has snake also08:51
sunshavimy 3310 was a CDMA :(08:52
sunshavithree days of battery life on my 1208 on the bright side08:53
KotCzarnya bit low for a feature phone?08:53
KotCzarnyunless it runs droid?08:53
sunshaviso n900 guys be jealous of me. :p. It is just a joke08:53
sunshavilol. droid on the 1208?. it does not have a usb conn08:54
sunshavireading sms on it. it's a pain08:54
sunshaviI miss conversations08:54
KotCzarnyyeah, it was nice invention08:54
KotCzarnyto sort sms by recipient08:55
sunshavibut the thing i like most about the 1208 it's the dpad. Nokia should had kept it on the n90008:55
sicelo3310 - cdma? well it worked on our non-cdma network here08:56
sunshavi3310 was in two versions CDMA and GSM08:56
sunshaviOMG. 1 am here. See You later guys09:00
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KotCzarnydarn, 150$ mainline linux phone?10:39
KotCzarnywhat's not to like10:39
sixwheeledbeastno keyboard11:22
KotCzarnyi think they have kb as a dock or something11:22
KotCzarnyor maybe it was for their laptop thing11:26
KotCzarnyyeah. no hwkb is an issue, still nice for software side11:26
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brolin_empeyWhy do credit card companies have such lame and crappy Web sites for their customers?  Sigh.12:03
MaxdamantusWhy would anyone use a credit card anyway?12:07
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brolin_empeyBecause the alternative is Interac, which allows someone to directly withdraw money from my chequeing account when someone skims the PIN for my account.12:13
MaxdamantusCan't you just get a visa debit card from your bank?12:15
brolin_empeyI dislike using cash.  I like electronic commerce.12:15
MaxdamantusSo using a debit card counts as using cash?12:16
micknameMy visa credit card is managed through my banks web site, which is pretty ok.12:17
MaxdamantusWhen I say "visa debit card", I mean something that people might simply refer to as a "credit card"12:17
brolin_empeyI do not think I can and I use a credit union, not a bank.  In my experience, a normal credit card is still required because some merchants still do not accept Visa Debit.  I know this because my company has a Visa Debit card but they sometimes have to use my personal credit card account because Visa Debit is not always accepted.12:18
micknameAnd yeah, makes sense to always use credit instead of debit as of crouse it's better to pay everythiong as late as possible as the money can be invested ;)12:18
Maxdamantusbut the point is it just takes money out of your bank account, instead of using some balance in some third-party company that needs to make a profit off you, through high interest rates or fees or something.12:19
Maxdamantusafaik interest rates on credit cards are much higher than, eg, mortgage interest rates.12:20
brolin_empeyMaxdamantus: I began writing my reply before I received your reply.12:20
Maxdamantusso if you want to invest that money, you'd be better off just withholding it from something else (eg, your mortgage, if you have one).12:20
micknameI mean I'm paying my credit card bill off in full every time, I just need to pay for my expenses ~month later than what I actually purchased them on, so that money can be used for useful purposes meanwhile12:21
KotCzarnyit's a trap.12:22
micknameThe expenses from the credit card are thus ~3 eur / month, which would be the same as a plain credit card anyways12:22
KotCzarnywhile many people will use it reasonably, it's a trap for dumber/weaker ones12:22
micknameYeah, I wouldn't recommend that if you don't have regular income12:23
KotCzarnyit's a disease that will eat up parts of the body (society)12:23
KotCzarnyand in the end it will affect even the reasonable ones12:24
brolin_empeyI do not own anything more valuable than my car.  (Residential) real estate is completely unaffordable to buy here.12:24
MaxdamantusAssuming mortgage rates are about 4%, €3/month is equivalent to keeping an extra €1000 in the bank instead of paying it into the mortgage.12:24
Maxdamantuswell, €90012:25
Maxdamantusso unless you're using it for a buffer of more than €900, it's probably not worth it.12:26
Maxdamantusor unless you can't get a card in other ways without paying an extra fee.12:26
Maxdamantusafaik debit visa cards are normally just a standard thing you get with a bank account here.12:27
micknameYeah it's not "really" worth it, but it costs the same as a regular debit card so no point of not taking use of it12:27
micknameAnd I used average yearly returns on investment of 7% and 1000 eur of balance on average on the card.12:29
MaxdamantusI wonder why the credit card company doesn't just invest that money then.12:32
micknameThere are enough people at their limit only paying off the minimum amount at 10% yearly interest12:32
micknameAnd they take a huge slice of every purchase anyways12:33
mickname(One reason I actually disliek credit cards is the hidden tranaction fees. I feel bad for the merchants of how much they lose on each purchase...)12:34
Maxdamantusfrom what I've seen of online stores here, they tend to just add the 2.5% to the price if you pay by visa card (instead of eg, bank transfer)12:35
micknameAt least some of the cc companies and for example paypal forbid doing that. Some merchants circumvent that by giving you a -2% if you purchase using some other method :)12:36
micknameSo I haven't seen that practice around...12:37
micknameIf I actually had to pay more using a cc, I probably wouldn't use it at all. Maybe for the insurance some times.12:38
micknameOh well, that kind of insurance doesn't seem to be universal for credit cards and it's also available when paying with debit :|12:42
KotCzarnyvisa/mastercard are greedy12:43
KotCzarnytheir prices for transactions go steadily up12:44
KotCzarnylocal banks here decided to invest in own instant payment system based on phone apps for that reason12:44
KotCzarnynot to mention that for a few years there is a monthly fee for the card12:46
KotCzarnyearlier it was ~6usd/year, now it's ~3usd/month12:46
KotCzarnythe bigger they are, the greedier they become12:46
MaxdamantusSo I guess the problem is that whatever mickname is doing with his credit cards, someone else is paying the €25 in transaction fees for the €1000 he's presumably borrowing every month.12:48
micknameCan't argue with that :)12:48
Maxdamantusmaybe they need to make the practice of lowering the price for credit card users illegal.12:49
Maxdamantussince it's essentially a fee that all the merchants have to pay to stay in business.12:50
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Maxdamantus(a fee that goes to visa/mastercard, obviously, who presumably operate as a cartel here)12:50
Maxdamantus(or equivalently, make it legal to charge less when people pay through other means)12:52
micknameyeah, that makes sense.12:52
KotCzarnywho would do that12:52
KotCzarnythey are big already12:52
KotCzarnyand economic wars/battles are a thing12:53
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Maxdamantusimo the government should provide those sorts of services.12:54
Maxdamantusif anyone is allowed to incur a 2.5% flat tax on essentially all consumer transactions, it should be the government, not private corporations.12:55
Maxdamantus(though if the government provided that service, it doesn't have to be based on a flat tax)12:55
KotCzarnythere is no government anymore, they are just bussinessmen with legal tools12:56
KotCzarnyand law depends on the lobbists and moneys12:57
MaxdamantusOh yeah, forgot for a minute that the US is an oligopoly.12:58
KotCzarnyit's world wide12:58
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