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Maxdamantussicelo: does the API let you do anything other than check balances? eg, buy plans?00:01
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siceloi haven't investigated further. it's not documented anywhere, but i've been sniffing some of the responses on the network00:30
siceloi don't think you actually can buy plans, although the 2nd ISP does provide an endpoint that lists all available plans00:30
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DocScrutinizer05Oksana: please note that #maemocommunity never been a real /  "official" channel. I already posted gow it ben registered a 10 years ago and *kast* used like 2 weeks after that. Chan founder also seems nobody known by maemo administrative stuff (which is a real problem *particularly* for 'official' channels like one where council is supposed to live in)04:46
DocScrutinizer0526 May 2019 03:48:39] [Notice] -ChanServ- Information on #maemo-community:04:50
DocScrutinizer05[26 May 2019 03:48:39] [Notice] -ChanServ- Founder    : Gh0sty04:50
DocScrutinizer05[26 May 2019 03:48:39] [Notice] -ChanServ- Registered : Apr 24 06:32:50 2010 (9y 4w 5d ago)04:50
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DocScrutinizer05sicelo: excellent finding :-) Think about balance (invoice?) with list off all calls, wit phone numbers04:59
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luke-jrDocScrutinizer05: you could probably get freenode staff to give you control06:36
luke-jrsome jerks literally took over a channel of mine that way, and I was never even notified06:36
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DocScrutinizer05kuno, that's group-contact's call07:03
DocScrutinizer05luke-jr: no, ...07:03
DocScrutinizer05I even could pester founder who's been logged in and active last time I checked a 2h ago. But... I may only register (own) a certain low number of chans, so why bother about a dead one?07:11
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brolin_empeyAt least for my mobile telco (Fido in Canada), the invoice/bill only shows the telephone numbers for calls in one direction, not certain in which direction because I usually do not read that part of the bill.11:22
brolin_empeyThe power management with Android OS 8 on my LG G5 seems strange.  A few days ago, the remaining battery capacity was shown as around 15% and it estimated the remaining battery runtime as over 5 hours but it actually almost ran out of power because the remaining capacity was down to 3% within an hour or maybe even only half an hour I think.11:28
brolin_empeyWhy did Nokia make both the BL-4J and BL-5J models of batteries when they are almost the same?  The only difference is that the BL-4J has a slightly smaller capacity if I recall correctly.11:34
MaxdamantusPresumably it would show outgoing calls, since you probably don't pay for incoming calls.12:32
brolin_empeyI think you are correct but I would have to check a bill to be certain.  In Canada and the USA, the callee still has to pay for airtime although the origin of the call does not affect the cost to the callee.  Actually, I am assuming that the situation in the USA is still the same as in Canada but I am not certain because I never leave Canada IRL any more.12:45
brolin_empeySpeaking of which, is CDMA2000/CDMA1x/I forgot the specific names because I never used them in Canada dead by now?12:52
brolin_empeyI remember that Ev-DO is one of the related standards that I never used and that might be dead in Canada by now.12:56
brolin_empeyJustin Trudeau has almost the same date of birth as Mao Tse-tung, obviously excluding the year.13:10
MaxdamantusBut do they know it's Christmas time?13:12
brolin_empeyApparently Mao never learned to speak English but I guess he must have been aware of Christmas.  Obviously Justin Trudeau is aware of Christmas because it is the December merchandising season in Canada.13:16
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brolin_empeyApparently Justin Trudeau was born around nine months after the wedding of his parents.  I wonder if Pierre Trudeau and Margaret Trudeau married because Margaret Trudeau was pregnant.14:05
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MaxdamantusSo .. you're wondering if they figured out that she was pregnant immediately after conception, and decided to get married within the next couple of days?14:10
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MaxdamantusMaxdamantus DESTROYS brolin_empey's conspiracy theory with FACTS AND LOGIC14:16
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brolin_empeyI am sidetracked, need to fix my priorities.14:17
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brolin_empeyI forgot that I was going to check my cellular connectivity bill.17:51
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brolin_empeyMaxdamantus: Yes, the bill shows telephone numbers only for outgoing calls.17:56
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siceloMaxdamantus: so there is an endpoint for buying a plan/package. i will load up some credit sometime, and see if it needs anything special to accept a buying request. for now it just returns 'insufficient funds' to me, which suggests that with just the token (which never changes) and the phone number, you can buy the plan for that number.21:59
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