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brolin_empeyOksana: Someone answered but their answer is not helpful: “I don't know. This was ordered for someone else.”20:38
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szilveszterdomothi I know it is rubbish but worth a try does anything to do if you finally move on 100% away from ios and google? Any device which can work thr same  quality freedom and also support running mainstream sandboxed apps, but adding all the “features” what a real application could offer. I saw several thread with upcoming sailfish and silent maemo leste . If you found anything which could fill the hole between n900 and today21:12
KotCzarnydepends on your needs21:14
KotCzarnymost people just need 2-3 power apps for their lives21:15
szilveszterdomotsure it has to be multiboot and was looking at sailfish tablet but it comes withou app store and saw that is some red hat stuff and cost money for OS which i never see before i was only using debian and never red hat... yes you are right21:16
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KotCzarnyum, motorola droid4 and maemo-leste?21:17
KotCzarnyand soon pine-phone and maemo-leste21:18
szilveszterdomotcurrently i live with 3 phones n900 , iphone and a huawei mate 20 pro i want to reduce the number to one or minimum two! What I really need community and opened for anything right now i would give a try how much the extra power result in intel emulation :D21:18
szilveszterdomotkeyboard is the most important right now for me writing on this touchpad is painful21:19
KotCzarnyi had to move to android because of the apps i wanted to use (bank, bicycle sharing, ticket buying etc)21:19
KotCzarnybut still using n900 as a pocket linux and media player21:19
szilveszterdomotyes thats why i told multiboot for mainstream TT:)21:19
KotCzarnyyou can drop iphone i guess21:22
szilveszterdomotI have no problem with andro and no problem with apple as long as i can look outside of the api if needed... So mainly my requirement would be few things keyboard, if possible stilus!!!, compatibibility one linux root and majnstream devices (native or multiboot)21:22
KotCzarnymaemo leste is basing on mainstream linux21:23
szilveszterdomotnah right now i use iphone seven at most as it my work device with traffic and “free” telephony :) And currently exchange mdm working well on android its not but there will be an upgrade soon when i need to drop it away as native support will go through microsoft cloud, currently it is embeded inside of contacts calendar etc simialar what Hildon apps was doing, but with approved aurwatch mobile device management21:25
szilveszterdomotso generally in next year -1 iphone :D i hope it will take as long as possible as monile microsoft outlook is crap and nothing else allowed to use after users migrate to cloud... Maemo leste sounds great but when i checked out on their site there is no much info related devices and compatibility, and also see still a lot of features missing21:28
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KotCzarnythis is what people work on21:32
KotCzarnybut it will run on any linux device with 3d accel working21:32
szilveszterdomotwell i saw 2 relative similar device with better hw on the internet one existing gemini pda and the future x device which potentially out this summer21:35
sicelopurism also working on a phone (some don't like parts of purism's marketing, etc.)21:36
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szilveszterdomotwell a lot of people voting android and a lot ios there is no rly big differences between each. I was satisfied with iphone for games, but as the new design edge to edge display is the final end of my apple use.... I had to select a device as last opportunity to select wider range of devices closed last financial year, so i selected the best value / price device still including nasty boot loader code for 30 eur solution for22:01
szilveszterdomotmore bootloader code for huawei in general and my nightmare comes true it is rly painful to write on that worse than iphone edge to edge display is total crap... Was sitting back one version back on iphone all the time to get jailbreak but due to my pure luck last time it caused bootloop and had to upgrade ... So due so many closed doors i rly would prefer open device what i can completely brick if i want with flashingthe bo22:04
szilveszterdomottyping on H mate 20 pro after few days... no defenitely NO22:05
KotCzarnythere are many different virtual keyboards (and text input systems) available for android22:05
KotCzarnycheck the alternatives22:06
szilveszterdomotit is not about the keyboard i have big hand and due to edge to edge display i accidently lose focus on text box jumping text whatever i accidentaly do:) Now i would get back some user friendly phys keyboard as n900 has:)22:08
KotCzarnybig hand contradicts tiny n900's hw kb22:08
szilveszterdomottrue but if i compare my write performance n900 do well was strange after skipped years to adapt back to no miltitouch but kb is perfect if i get back to my hidden movement subroutines bit small but in general lot more accurate and painless22:10
szilveszterdomotafter u write a longer mail on a touch screen ur fingers aching similar playing a game with overlay control. I don’t know why keyboards gone totally...22:12
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KotCzarnyhave you tried alternative virtual keyboards? that are often not keyboards22:13
szilveszterdomotBTW i used the world worst mobile invention of touch screens , blackberry storm hahh...22:14
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brolin_empeyszilveszterdomot: There is the F(x)tec Pro1 Android smartphone with an integrated hardware keyboard.  It has a difficult to remove battery but I guess that does not matter to you if you used an Apple iOS computer.22:16
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szilveszterdomotnope i am just trying to reduce the mails and typing as much as I can daily... on M20 storm i tried maybe 2-3 but no improvement maybe if i can reduce the display from edges would not terminate my typings bit then why i have that big display , and i have no root access on that gear if i would have the first thing i would do kill huawei emu firmware, and install anything else22:17
szilveszterdomotpro* was a long day;)22:18
szilveszterdomotdid u ever hear about bb storm? that was similar big display capacitice screen but inaccurate and the whole screen was a big button u had to press then due big hands and inaccuracy it might changed ur character because of the push effect. I think that was the biggest fail i ever seen through the phones i saw lol22:21
sicelothere's also Cosmo Communicator22:21
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szilveszterdomotyes it almost the same if not the same to the gemini :)22:23
szilveszterdomotdoes anyone tried out that or similar or better if i wait until fxtec going to be released or cancelled22:26
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szilveszterdomotThe thing why this whole “mobile” market is so monopoly for sandboxing is no supplier host / supply devices with correct drivers  and potentially for longer lifespan... As nokia stepped out from maemo/meego The actual hw support is gone, now glad of ppl still keep repos wikis forums etc alive a lot thanks but  at the end there should be some contribution of hw and sw...22:32
szilveszterdomotI have also a few ms surface pro , but thats not pocket size :):):) ... I am really supprise that ms did not do their best to take their part from the ARM business, and now their mobie version also go... literally i am about my 10 year annivestary “of n900” eventually 3rd n900 in my life, and within the 10 year the only big change are the 2 company has 2 similar operation system  and fundamentaly they reduce everything w22:40
szilveszterdomotseveral api to the “hypervisor” making totally easy to develop as they have IDE runtime enviroonment , but in general people who doinh those app for this runtime environment does no longer know the operation systems or lower details how does it work so making development easy reduce the performance and the options for geek users... In 10 years i thought pocket computers will come...22:44
szilveszterdomotinstead of that all people walking with shiny edge-edge big display panel operated by 8-16 cpu + multiple gpus if i compare maemo to my iphone or android the functionality pretty the same22:45
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KotCzarnytrue that22:46
KotCzarnybazilion of cores and.. facebook tool22:46
szilveszterdomotbut without support and hw upgrade... yes insane hardware to play some crazy puzzle game with 7 hours of waiting for energy22:47
szilveszterdomotso i am pretty sure virtualization and big display one reason why more and more insane hw required:) but in general a bit better and supported maemo should be exist or at least similar22:48
szilveszterdomothaha facebook app which 200 megabyte big and you not opened yet any fancy profile FB pffff ... i know several trash of the technology one is that but now there is another big shitty stuff spreading and put extra weight on ip networks... BLOCKchain reinvented the wheel mix of zombi network and peer to peer communications22:53
KotCzarnyyup. that's current web status22:53
szilveszterdomotseti had shared computing already from 1998 ... kaazzaa was avaiable for p2p data transfer mixing  the two blockchain when i was reading up what is this i was laughing on the meeting when announced that is the future... So the future have gigabit network with 500-800ms latency ... proven the boggest shit could be sold with good marketing...22:56
KotCzarnypeople will buy any shit with shiny marketing22:57
szilveszterdomoti read after and actually read bitcoin for example can process 10 transactions per minite average, imagine if master card or even a simple bank would run with this bottle neck, and people eat it:)))22:58
szilveszterdomotBUT it need no datacenter instead of that replicate all data and traffic over people computers all of them ~300gb data and lot bandwidth, and at the end i am pretty sure due as this is financial etc data is encrypted so good luck to do QOS against it23:01
szilveszterdomotwell thanks will still look around with open eye and if i see no update for device x potentially that planet pda will be the winner android + maemo-leste and or sailfish.... And just hope we does not need any warranty support with rare devices ;(23:04
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