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WikiwideWhy is a letter stuck in Outbox with status "Suspended"? Not "Failed" or "Waiting" or "Sending"...13:44
WikiwideOutbox in Modest on Nokia N900.13:44
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WikiwideSending from the same (Outlook) server to my own gmail works fine. Why could this email from my outlook to elsewhere be suspended? No attachments, not a size limit.16:02
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luke-jrI just realised I have no recollection of what Maemo's UI was like :x20:37
luke-jr…and that I have no clue where my N900 actually is located20:39
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sicelothere's Maemo-Leste to remind you .. can run it in a VM ;)20:43
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Wizzupluke-jr: you can browse some pictures here
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luke-jrWizzup: thanks22:31
luke-jrbut there's no pictures?22:31
luke-jrtrying to remember what an IM notification was like :x22:33
* luke-jr wanders off to look at Zaurus screenshots22:36
luke-jrok, looks like Zaurus was KDE-like, and Maemo was Android-like (at least modern Android)22:37
Wizzupluke-jr: I see pictures22:48
luke-jrWizzup: insecure browser configuration? :P22:52
WizzupI don't think so - it's just hosted on the same domain?22:53
Wizzup you don't see this?22:53
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