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MaxdamantusIf you run that alias, it overrides the : command.01:00
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Maxdamantusin general, alias is a pretty ugly way of overriding commands though .. you can just write functions instead, and avoid the funny escaping stuff.01:02
Maxdamantusman(){ [ "sed" == "$1" ]||{ /usr/bin/man "$@";return; }; less -f <(/usr/bin/man sed) <(wget -q -O -); }01:03
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brolin_empeyI am using the Galaxy Note 3 as a camera. This is what happens when I try to power on the LG G5 with no battery installed but with the USB power supply connected: the display on the G5 comes on but only alternates between these two frames. I have not yet researched running the G5 without a battery but it seems like the G5 as is already partially runs without a battery installed, which surprised me.08:29
brolin_empeyActually, the screen comes on as soon as I connect the USB power supply and pressing Power on the G5 seems to not change anything.08:34
brolin_empeyThe G5 is really lightweight without a battery.08:36
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brolin_empeyApparently at least one variant of the LG G4 can run from power from the USB connector if the battery is removed while the OS is booting after the computer is powered on with the battery connected.  Is the firmware of the computer really so lame that it has an artificial limit that it will not boot the OS unless a battery is present?  If yes then what is the reason for this behaviour?  It does not make sense to me from an engineering perspective so maybe it11:24
brolin_empeymakes sense from a business perspective?11:24
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buZzbrolin_empey: PDAs dont make sense whatsoever12:33
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brolin_empeybuZz: Hmm?  Are you implying that the cellular modem requires the battery?21:04
buZzhmm, it shouldnt21:17
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brolin_empeybuZz: Then what did you mean?21:27
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buZzthat these classes of devices dont really seem to try to get such fun methods of usage working21:34
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MaxdamantusMaybe Maemo isn't able to boot off a 500 mA power source.23:56
Maxdamantus(without throttling)23:56
MaxdamantusIf I'm using the CPU, Maemo will often tell me that it's consuming more power than is being provided by the charger.23:57

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