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brolin_empey sounded good until I found this part of the terms of service (
brolin_empeyYour pre-payment will expire if unused for 12 months from the date of purchase or from the date of last use, whichever is later, except where such expiry is prohibited by law.04:24
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WikiwideTime synchronisation is still an issue. The tiny circular battery is literally rusty, the change of the main battery results in "Set the time and date" wizard, half of the reboots. The cellular operator is off by three or four minutes, and often tells me that it's the first of January 2000 (which doesn't mesh well with my Calendar of appointments). GPS Data is off by exactly half an hour (time zone?). "Sync clock now" is a disastrous15:09
Wikiwide widget, being off by half an hour, exactly like GPS Data?15:09
WikiwideSydney, GMT+10: is it 21:40 or 22:10?15:10
MaxdamantusSat Apr 13 02:12:09 GMT 201915:12
Wikiwide says 22:10. And yet GPS Data and say 21:40?15:12
MaxdamantusGPS data and NTP are independent of timezone15:13
Maxdamantusanyway, personally, I just run ntpd from my debian root rather than whatever's in maemo.15:14
WikiwideHmm, could it by any chance correlate with cellular provider's claimed timezone of Adelaide?15:14
MaxdamantusWhat timezone does `date` indicate you're using?15:15
WikiwideAnd could somebody please tell Calendar to stop shifting my appointments around just because of timezone changes? Regardless of timezone currently set up on my phone, appointments are fixed in Sydney time, and should not move around at all.15:16
WikiwideDate indicates CST15:17
WikiwideWhat is CST?15:17
MaxdamantusCentral Standard Time, used in the US.15:17
MaxdamantusSo what does it say the time is in CST?15:18
WikiwideSounds weird. Because date matches GUI where hours and minutes are concerned. And GUI says Sydney, GST+10.15:19
MaxdamantusSat Apr 13 12:19:01 CST 201915:19
WikiwideSat Apr 13 22:18:23 CST 201915:19
Maxdamantuseh, nvm my date output, I think I'm using the TZ variable incorrectly.15:19
Maxdamantustry `date --utc`15:20
MaxdamantusSat Apr 13 12:20:41 UTC 201915:20
MaxdamantusIf your clock is set correctly, regardless of timezone, it should have that output.15:20
WikiwideI have changed /etc/timezone from Adelaide to Sydney. What should I restart to get date to see this?15:21
MaxdamantusI imagine hildon-status-menu15:21
WikiwideNo such thing as date --utc15:21
sixwheeledbeastDate and Time Setting is where the timezones are set via ui15:22
sixwheeledbeastautomatically should use cell towers AFAIK15:23
WikiwideWell, cell towers are worse than malicious - they are unpredictable in their unreliability.15:24
sixwheeledbeastMy device says that Sydney is the same local time as Brizy which i don't believe is correct? this is using world clock function BTW15:25
MaxdamantusWell, they're both on the East cost.15:26
infobotMaxdamantus meant: Well, they're both on the east cost.15:26
Maxdamantuslooks like they should be the same atm:
sixwheeledbeastBrizy ignores DST tho, whereas I believed Sydney do15:27
Maxdamantussince I suspect DST has ended for Sydney.15:27
Maxdamantusright, but DST should have ended by now, I imagine.15:27
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WikiwideACST is GMT+09:30 aka Adelaide. Question is, how do I get date to acknowledge that /etc/timezone is Sydney?15:28
WikiwideWorld Clocks does say that GMT/UTC is 13:00. So, UTC is fine. But how do I get it to know that I am in Sydney, not Adelaide?15:32
MaxdamantusThe `date` command should recognise it immediately, but given that you said "--utc" doesn't work, maybe your date command is not very good.15:32
sixwheeledbeastUTC is currently 123215:32
MaxdamantusI'm using some "power" version of busybox, so maybe that's why it works for me.15:32
WikiwideAh, yes. My head is going in circles, nearly dizzy.15:34
sixwheeledbeastAfter playing about my device seems to think I am in Sydney and will not change, so no idea without rebooting15:35
WikiwideAlright. If I "Sync clock now", then I get UTC of 12:3615:36
Maxdamantussixwheeledbeast: what about `killall hildon-status-menu`?15:36
WikiwideBut how do I tell my device that I am in Adelaide?15:36
MaxdamantusWikiwide: presumably through the settings GUI.15:36
sixwheeledbeastTime and Date disalbe automatic and select Adelaide15:37
sixwheeledbeastit's not h-s-m that showing the wrong place15:37
WikiwideIf I tell Time and Date that I am in Adelaide, then I get 21:37 :P15:38
sixwheeledbeastalso killall isn't ideal for hildon as it don't come back up cleanly15:38
WikiwideAka UTC+9, where it should be UTC+09:30. Some more global re-read of timezone is needed.15:38
sixwheeledbeastAdelaide is GMT +9.30 in world clock for me15:49
Wikiwide/etc/localtime is the one behind date! Not /etc/timezone . But even though date does show 22:52 AEST correctly, GUI still shows 22:2215:52
sixwheeledbeastSo to reset I went to Date and Time disabled auto, changed the time zone to the correct one "Save". Then went back in an set update automatic which fixed the time.15:53
sixwheeledbeastChanging your timezone automatically moves the clock by the amount +/- GMT15:54
WikiwideWhen I go and set automatic, I get 22:58 (correct time) in GUI, but 23:28 EST in date and 13:28 in UTC15:59
WikiwideSo, even with timezone and localtime both set to Sydney, I still see UTC at 13:32, date at 23:32 and GUI time at 23:0216:04
WikiwideWhere Does GUI Time come from?16:04
WikiwideIt's worse than time-turners. With time-turners you at least know when you are.16:05
sixwheeledbeastutc is 1305 right now16:06
WikiwideSync clock now brought UTC to 13:05, date to 23:05, but GUI Time is 22:3516:07
sixwheeledbeastI would assume one is using ntp and the other cell tower info but IDK?16:09
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WikiwideI do not use cell tower - automatic updates of date and time are off, due to the wrecking effects they have. But somewhere might be a remaining ruin that still remembers cellular suggestion of Adelaide.16:12
WikiwideSync clock now uses ntp, yes. It's a once-off, not regular updates.16:12
WikiwideI should sue cellular provider for that.16:13
sixwheeledbeastcellnet-info from extras would show you what time your operator believes it is.16:13
sixwheeledbeastGPS data would show GPS time, which has overflowed twice now since it was first implemented.16:16
sixwheeledbeasttimezones are hard enough to implement without different systems having there own designs to store it....16:17
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