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sixwheeledbeastHmm blocking a whole subnet would be useful on the wiki right now.11:50
MaxdamantusDoes wiki blocking block read access, or only write access?11:58
MaxdamantusI'm not really involved on TMO or the wiki, but the way maemo seems to deal with blocking seems very dodgy.11:58
MaxdamantusJust require registrations in both cases, and just be reasonably strict about registration.11:59
bencohwell, that was brought up quite a lot of time, but according to admin team, properly blocking read/write access would require a certain amount of work12:00
MaxdamantusRight, so you just block registrations instead.12:01
Maxdamantusand also disable anonymous edits on the wiki.12:01
Maxdamantusthat can't be any harder than having blanket IP blocks.12:02
bencohwell, I suppose it can, depending on what is already implemented :)12:02
MaxdamantusSeems difficult to imagine, unless it's using some load balancer that's "configured" using spring XML beans or something.12:04
sixwheeledbeastThe blocking via IP's from spam list is separate from the wiki edit block list.12:22
sixwheeledbeastFrom many years looking after the wiki, I have started to indefinite ban IP's that spam. I found that 6 months or what have you only worked for that period. All indefinite blocks on the wiki are edit only and I specify only unregistered users, without blocking registration.12:27
sixwheeledbeastTo clarify from monitoring the same IP's or subnets where coming back round after the period expired.12:29
bencohah, I see12:29
sixwheeledbeastI imagine the IP's in the wiki list have already got past the spam rules as that is pretty much a "Forbidden" type page.12:30
sixwheeledbeastIn fact i can confirm this by switching on Tor and getting blocked from WMO12:32
sixwheeledbeastGoes to show the blocking isn't perfect12:35
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