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sixwheeledbeastII wouldn't think that's valid css12:42
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Vajbis that default email client open source?13:21
VajbIm annoyed of the feature of that "delete menu"13:22
Vajbif I hold my finger on some message it pops that menu under my finger and is kind of hard to see because of that...13:23
bencohah, right, doesn't track cssu13:37
bencohiiuc modest is opensource13:37
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sixwheeledbeastI thought there where bits that where closed.17:48
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bencohthis is what I somehow recalled as well, but ...19:21
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Vajbthx bencoh, I'll take a look19:42
infobothmm... closed is or, or, or
Vajbpidgin purple is getting quite annoying with facebook. It keeps rereceiving messages from the past19:46
Vajblike from 12 hours ago which I have already seen and responded. It even rereceives messages sent by me in a chat where Im talking to myself19:48
Vajbhmm that came out wrong :D19:48
VajbI mean it sends to me the messages I've sent to others19:48
Vajbdoes anyone use facebook with pidgin here?19:49
siceloi do19:49
siceloi don't have that problem.19:49
Vajbit is a tad annoying and also battery consuming.19:52
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Vajbsomehow it sounds like facebook doesn't have info that I've already received those messages19:53
Vajbbut oddest is that it is sending my messages back to me19:53
siceloi do get the 'self-messages' once in a while, usually when network connectivity is bad19:53
siceloah, 19:48 < Vajb> hmm that came out wrong :D19:54
sicelo19:49 < Vajb> I mean it sends to me the messages I've sent to others19:54
sicelo^^^ this, yes i have it sometimes19:54
sicelobut as said, only when my network connectivity is bad19:54
Vajbcould be network issue, but I didn't drop from irc19:55
Vajband it happens only with facebook not with telegram contacts19:55
siceloi don't think it is battery consuming though.19:55
sicelomaybe facebook changed something, and the plugin needs updating19:57
VajbI think it is. Few minutes with 100% cpu usage probably drains some :p19:57
siceloi don't get 100% usage. maybe you get that from PA ;)19:57
VajbI have tha cpu mem applety beside battery icon and it flashes red19:58
Vajbalso hildon desktop seems to crash or something since whole battery bar disappears for awhile19:58
sicelosuspect PA, i think. when pidgin has many notifications, it tried to 'ping' for each and every one of them, which can overload PA19:59
Vajband not just battery icon but whole "heade bar"19:59
siceloat least that's what happened with me yesterday with piding+telegram20:00
Vajbok that then :)20:00
siceloi haven't used pidgin+telegram for a while, since i use telegram-cli instead. so pidgin-telegram tried to download all the histroy since whenever was the last time i used it. device hung as a result. eventually i found PA using too much  CPU. after stoppping it, things got a bit better20:01
sicelostopping pulseaudio, that is20:03
Vajbdo you have audio enabled in pidgin?20:03
VajbI keep it disabled20:04
siceloi have it enabled20:08
Vajbyup. I find it odd if it is PA in my case, but who knows20:11
siceloyeah, check using (h)top next time it happens20:12
Vajbsure, if my device responds enough to spawn it :p20:21
sicelothat was hard for me too.20:25
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Vajbwell now I did disconnect here too and pidgin used most of the cpu20:32
siceloremember too, that you can start pidgin from terminal and specify `-d` to see debug messages. that could help you track down your problem20:39
Vajbhmm I think I'll try that next20:42
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Vajbhmm telegram is sending ping every 15s22:13
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Vajbfacebook.png is also missing from pixmaps. Changed msn to facebook :p22:18
Vajbpidgin -d is surprisingly noisy22:19
VajbGLib-GObject: IA__g_object_set_valist: object class `HildonPannableArea' has no property named `shadow-type'22:22
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