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RedWHey guys13:29
RedW"Theme customizer is marked as broken package, don't use it."13:29
RedWdo you remember what's wrong with theme-customizer?13:29
bencohI don't really see what's wrong with it either to be honest13:32
bencohbut then I haven't used it much13:32
Vajbmaybe there are some dependency issues13:33
RedWI seeā€¦ thx.13:42
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sixwheeledbeastRedW: Yes, early versions pinned hildon-home to a specific version which broke h-d on CSSU updates19:50
sixwheeledbeast~listkeys broken19:51
infobotFactoid search of 'broken' by key (14 of 28): broken ;; \\broken ;; quot broken ;; link broken ;; jargon broken arrow2 ;; broken link ;; give or take a broken dependency or two, blackbox ;; jargon broken arrow3 ;; broken xauth ;; weathercode broken bow ;; jargon broken ;; broken vi in the base ;; quote broken ;; you're broken.19:51
RedWah ok19:51
RedWsixwheeledbeast, Thank you.19:51
sixwheeledbeastI marked it broken I wasn't the only one to have issues with it break a number of things. Just take a look at the source if you want a headache.19:52
sixwheeledbeastThe latest version from devel is basically a use at you own risk package. Your results may vary.19:54
sixwheeledbeastPrevious versions will break your system if you have any upto date CSSU flavour19:55
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