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brolin_empeyWikiwide: Search the page for “Sony”.03:10
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brolin_empeySome old notebook computers have documentation claiming that the integrated audio controller of the computer is compatible with at least one model of ISA sound card.  Is a DOS application running on real DOS able to drive the integrated audio controller on any of these notebook computers without needing special software for the integrated audio, the same as if the application was running on a desktop motherboard with a real ISA sound card installed?09:17
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brolin_empeyThat looks like a PITA.10:36
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KotCzarnythat's why it's called 'non user replaceable battery'10:42
KotCzarnythe only hard part is gluetape. rest is trivial10:43
KotCzarnygluetape is BS in this setup tho, because battery is held by plastic frame anyway10:44
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KotCzarnybit offtopic and old, but fun:
KotCzarnyalso, qihoo bought opera in 201613:36
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totalizatorbrolin_empey: for the sound cards - most of the devices from the 'ess audio drive' era are SB PRO compatible and do not require any additional sw14:07
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brolin_empeytotalizator: Including Audio Drive integrated circuits integrated on a motherboard as opposed to Audio Drive ISA cards?17:49
totalizatorthis way or another - it it's sb compatible chip like ES688 it simply works - even without additional setup in the OS18:02
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merlin1991moving from a jolla-c to sony xa2 I realized that only one sim was nano size19:09
merlin1991now I've got my n9 running for the meantime :)19:09
merlin1991or rather I'm trying to get it to charge enough19:10
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brolin_empeytotalizator: OK, thank you.  I could try it myself but the priority is low and the HDD in my DOS tower computer is 3.5-inch so I would have to clone the drive onto a 2.5-inch drive to use the same drive in a notebook computer.  I have a spare 2.5-inch 32-GB PATA SSD I can use but the priority is still low.  I thought I could maybe use a notebook computer instead of a desktop/tower computer to run DOS applications designed to drive an ISA sound card but it22:46
brolin_empeydoes not matter in practice because I usually no longer run such applications and I have an 80686 tower computer with ISA slots (Asus P2B model of Slot 1 ATX motherboard, 400-MHz Pentium II CPU, 512 MiB of main memory).22:46
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brolin_empeyI could try to use the 32-GB CompactFlash SSD with Win95 from my ThinkPad 755CD in the Pentium III notebook computer.  I have a Pentium II notebook computer with AMLCD too.22:49
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