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AnaskoWhen I try to join freenode channels from Nokia N900's Conversations, I get "You have left this group." message. What does it mean?14:54
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AnaskoAnd yes, authentication with NickServ goes through fine, and ChanServ sends me "welcome to channel" message. But I can neither send messages to channel, nor watch messages being sent by others.14:56
AnaskoAs you can see above, Wikiwide has joined #maemo, and then has left immediately. What could be causing that?14:56
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AnaskoDoesn't help that freenode's webchat is not open-able on N900 - I had to use a laptop for that - because it requires re-captcha, and Google in its infinite wisdom doesn't support "old" web browsers (not even Fennec 17)14:57
KotCzarnyafair n900 supports irc just fine14:58
KotCzarnygrab xchat/hexchat14:59
KotCzarnyand forget about those clunky interfaces14:59
siceloand as we have keyboard, even irssi works good.15:01
KotCzarnyyeah, but text apps might be too hard for someone that needs web rowser for irc15:02
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AnaskoI would prefer to use Conversations, not web browser, for IRC, but Conversations seems to be stuck somewhere. And the only instance I could find of this particular text of error was in source code repository of locale pack for the application. As if no user ever encountered this error.15:03
siceloAnasko: i would use wireshark to see what happens and when.15:04
Anaskowireshark ? how?15:06
* Anasko is almost sure that it is somehow related to the giant size of el-v1.db - about 74MB15:07
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siceloah. of course that's considered a big no-no (huge el-v1.db)15:08
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AnaskoTheoretically, sqlite3 databases can reach TB in size. Practically, program decides for unfathomable reason to load the whole file into RAM, which limits it, a lot.15:10
KotCzarnyjust install xchat15:10
AnaskoDoes it support back-log?15:11
KotCzarnyas long you are connected it can log15:12
KotCzarnyotherwise see topic for channel logs15:13
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AnaskoWhat file format does it use for logging?15:14
KotCzarnymost likely txt15:14
AnaskoAnd what's the difference between irssi, xchat and hexchat (and any alternatives) on Nokia N900?15:15
KotCzarny*xchact has gui15:15
KotCzarnyirssi runs in text terminal15:15
Anaskoxchat is hildon-ised, to an extent, so there is that15:19
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Anaskobetter xchat than irssi, irggu, or communi15:22
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AnaskoI dislike X-Chat already. Tiny menus are as bad as Navit-gtk.15:49
AnaskoColours are atrocious by default.15:50
siceloi think it also doesn't do ssl, at leant on fremantle.15:50
siceloDoc had some config that made xchat a bit more bearable. maybe you can try it15:51
infobotextra, extra, read all about it, jrtools is
AnaskoAuto-capitalisation doesn't work at all, when typing messages. But it auto-capitalises just fine when entering NickServ password into GUI.15:51
sicelosomewhere in that link15:51
AnaskoLater, later. What's the problem with SSL? I don't expect it was fixed easily by a custom config?15:52
sicelono. that one not fixed, of course15:53
AnaskoAnd I don't think I see anything in X-Chat about specifying port for connection - it just auto-magics 9999 for SSL and 6667 for non-SSL?15:53
Anaskoand I do not see how to close user_'s server tab - disconnect from server, sure, but how do I close server tab?15:54
* sicelo hasn't used xchat in ages ... can't remember specifics now15:54
Anaskoin short, if x-chat was hildon-ised, and re-written to be front-end for telepathy plug-ins (instead of just IRC client), it could be a good replacement for Conversations.15:55
AnaskoanAnd now message input box is white on white.16:13
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AnaskoTest. Yes, now it is blue on white. No idea why.16:24
AnaskoAndrewX192, I did manage to close tab.16:24
Anaskosorry for automatic nick complete.16:24
Anaskoanas, test.16:25
AnaskoAnasko, test.16:25
AnaskoYes, it doesn't preview auto-complete of nick name until after I hit Enter.16:25
DocScrutinizer05to close tab: press close button left lower. to nick-expand I mapped shift-space16:40
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AnaskoClose button: right lower? Mapped shift-space in global keyboard layout file to Tab?16:40
AnaskoThank you for the link. I am currently trying to figure out why Message Input box has Foreground colour working from X-Chat colour settings, but background colour white (contrary to X-Chat's setting of black)16:42 sounds useful, even though I do not use haptic feedback much - doesn't help that Chat and Email are considered the same16:45
Anaskois there a zip somewhere, for easy download of all files listed?16:48
Anaskoinput box: use the text box font and colors. works in a weird way, if it works at all.16:51
Anaskoyes, background colour works only for channel scroll, not for input box.16:57
Anaskosee you later :-)16:58
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AlexNoiseif you  think about it, it's quite amazing that m N810s battery still allows me to leave the device in wifi for days19:59
AlexNoiseand it's the original battery also  :D20:00
KotCzarnythat's the key point20:00
KotCzarnyreplace with some chinese fake and see how long it lives20:00
AlexNoiseand it still loads up basic websites with opera20:01
AlexNoiseah, I still love  this thing20:01
KotCzarnydo you use it for audio play?20:03
AlexNoisesearching for a purpose for it.. right now it's a weather client, and a desk decoration20:04
KotCzarnyinstall oscp and turn it into audio center/internet radio20:04
AlexNoisehmm, not a bad idea20:05
siceloKotCzarny: you've seen mps-youutube .. not o bring feature creep into oscp, but perhaps .. :)20:07
KotCzarnyyoutube requires yt-dl20:07
KotCzarnybut i'm toying with tidal client20:07
sicelowhat's tidal?20:08
KotCzarny(with proper account it means milions of flac files)20:08
sicelooh nice20:08
AlexNoiselet me share this20:11
AlexNoisemy porn collection20:11
* sicelo clicks, hoping microb will open20:11
KotCzarnyyou should move your pr0n to imgur20:12
KotCzarnyWe're having some trouble displaying this album at the moment. Please try again.20:13
KotCzarnythat's why internet is so fucked up nowadays20:13
KotCzarnyno fallback to no-js browsing20:13
AlexNoisehow so20:13
AlexNoisenow that's true20:14
siceloat least opera-mobile seems to open it.20:14
sicelovery nice collection!20:15
AlexNoisety :>20:16
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