IRC log of #maemo for Wednesday, 2018-10-31

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DocScrutinizer05ginggs: interesting at least07:08
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brolin_empeyKotCzarny: My father is interested in using an ARM Linux SBC based upon the Allwinner H2 for a project but he wants to know which GNU+Linux distributions are supported on this platform?07:55
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sparreIs there an alternative to the now defunct Nokia GPS assist server?08:18
Vajbsparre: I have it set to use, but I don't actually use it so I have no idea if it actually works.08:22
KotCzarnybrolin_empey: many, but look at armbian (they have images for debian and ubuntu)08:22
KotCzarnyalso, if the board is 'unsupported' all it needs is some DT tweaking usually08:23
KotCzarnyand h2+ is essentially h308:23
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DocScrutinizer05~supl08:25 known to be broken, use alternatives like! Adjusting this detail is via settings screen, or
DocScrutinizer05a year or 2 ago, we discussed in hetre to run our own maemo SUPL server but nobody volunteered to set it up08:26
brolin_empeyKotCzarny: OK, thank you.  What is DT?08:28
Maxdamantusdevice tree08:29
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brolin_empeyMaxdamantus: OK, thank you.08:31
* Maxdamantus wonders why the "Use HTTPS" proxy option in Opera gets reset on startup.08:51
Maxdamantus`chown -w ~/.opera/opera.ini` seems to fix that.08:55
MaxdamantusKind of weird that it supposedly updates it on start then rereads it again.08:56
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Maxdamantusmicrob seems to behave similarly.09:20
MaxdamantusVery weird. Maybe more reminants of insane people.09:20
Maxdamantus(keeps setting "network.proxy.type" to 0 in prefs.js on startup)09:21
KotCzarnymaybe it sets it from network settings09:21
KotCzarnyie. from active wifi config09:21
MaxdamantusHm. I guess that would explain it.09:23
MaxdamantusWonder if it can be overridden.09:24
KotCzarnysure, change it in network options? ;)09:24
Maxdamantusthe `chmod -w` trick doesn't seem to work with microb.09:24
KotCzarnymight be that they do all that initial config dance because it was easiest way to apply system wide tweaks09:24
MaxdamantusI mean to disable that behaviour, or else specify that a proxy server is to be used regardless of what connection I'm on.09:24
KotCzarnycheck first if my guess is right09:25
KotCzarnythen you could simply throw your https proxy into connectivity part09:25
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MaxdamantusYes, it avoids resetting it when the proxy is configured through maemo's settings (for a particular wifi connection)09:28
KotCzarnyi would suggest implanting it systemwide then09:29
KotCzarnywould probably help with non-browser apps too09:29
KotCzarnyemail? etc09:29
MaxdamantusSure, just can't see how, since the proxy settings at least through the "Settings" program seem to be per access point.09:30
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KotCzarnyis setting's source available?09:30
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brolin_empeyIs there an x86 smartphone with an integrated hardware keyboard?  I could not find one.  I also found only one or maybe two x86 smartphones with an LED (AMOLED) display instead of an LCD.  I am not aware of any x86 smartphone with an electronic paper/ink display either, only the Yota Phone series with ARM SoC and difficult to remove battery.09:52
Maxdamantusas for email, not really useful there.09:52
KotCzarnymaxd: inline attachments?09:52
MaxdamantusWell, I don't remember ever running a graphical email client on either desktop or phone.09:53
Maxdamantusother than in a web browser, which is already covered.09:54
KotCzarnydoes qt also use system proxy?09:54
MaxdamantusI normally use mutt in a debian root, so no issues connecting with that.09:54
brolin_empeyAlso, if the Volkswagen New Beetle has a full-size (16-inch) spare wheel, at least for the 1998 model year that I had, then why does at least one configuration of 2007 Audi A3 have a compact spare wheel?09:55
_CN_almost every car nowadays have a compact one unless you pay for a big one09:55
_CN_that's not maemo's fault, though09:55
sixwheeledbeast^They are normally an added extra. You are lucky you have a space saver spare and not a can of foamy rubbish.10:00
brolin_empeyI think the 2006 Audi A4 wagon/estate has a full-size spare wheel.  I thought that Volkswagen/Audi still has a full-size spare wheel at least on some models.  I am surprised that, if the New Beetle has space for a 16-inch spare wheel, that the A3 does not.  Maybe you are correct that the full-size spare wheel is an option even for Audi.  I could ask the seller of the A3 I was considering buying, which has a compact spare wheel.10:02
buZzmaybe its fullsize for the original size wheels ;)10:07
brolin_empeyI no longer have a European car nor a diesel car.  I had a 1998 Volkswagen New Beetle GLS TDI with 5-speed manual transmission until 2014 June when I replaced it with a 2010 Hyundai Elantra Touring (name used to market the Hyundai i30cw AKA i30 estate first generation in Canada and the USA) Sport Edition with 2.0L I4 naturally-aspirated spark-ignition engine (actually the only engine for the Elantra Touring because Hyundai does not sell a diesel car in North10:12
brolin_empey America) and 5-speed manual transmission but I dislike driving up hills and in heavy traffic with the manual transmission so I was shopping for used cars with a dual-clutch form of automatic transmission, in this case DSG in Volkswagen and Audi cars.10:12
sixwheeledbeast^Select the correct gear?10:13
brolin_empeyThe spare wheel in this A3 says the maximum speed for this wheel is only 80 km/h so I do not think this wheel and tire are the same as the original non-spare wheels. ;-)10:13
sixwheeledbeast^If it's speed restricted it's a space saver. The diameter of all the wheels must be similar, only the profile will be different.10:16
siceloMaxdamantus: the system-wide proxy setting doesn't seem to really be 'system-wide' - it seems to only be used by applications that specifically look for it, such as microb, of course. Modest/email for example does not use it, even when set10:17
brolin_empeyLiterally, the normal tires also have a maximum speed even if the vehicle cannot achieve that speed. ;-)10:18
sixwheeledbeast^standard road tyres have a speed rating (letters are used for this). It's not speed on a yellow sticker.10:20
inzVW Polo's spare looked like a motorcycle tire compared to the normal ones10:20
sixwheeledbeast^Yep that's a space saver limited to around 80km/50mph10:21
brolin_empeysixwheeledbeast^: Yes, I know this, hence me being literal. :-P10:21
inzHaven't needed my prius's spare yet (knock on wood) so not sure if it's any good. VW T4 has a full size one at least10:22
KotCzarny#maemo -- now on spare wheels!10:22
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Maxdamantussicelo: yeah, I'm not too concerned about which programs use it, just that I don't have to configure these things for each internet connection.10:23
MaxdamantusI guess things were different back in 2009.10:24
bencohsixwheeledbeast^: does not seem to work
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brolin_empeysixwheeledbeast^: I have twelve years of experience as a licensed driver of a car with a manual transmission but have never had a vehicle with a hill holder feature, which is part of why I dislike driving up hills.10:25
sixwheeledbeast^I recall reporting has never worked?10:26
sixwheeledbeast^That's what the handbrake is for10:26
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brolin_empeysixwheeledbeast^: Yes, and is why I wore out/broke the drum brakes used for the handbrake on my current car before 65 000 km.  The normal brakes are all disc brakes but the handbrake uses drum brakes.10:28
bencohsixwheeledbeast^: ah, nevermind then, I somehow understood from backlog that you didn't know whether it actually worked or not10:29
brolin_empeyAnyway, as an end to off-topic vehicle discussion, I recently saw a concrete pumping truck with six axles, all close together, which reminded me of sixwheeledbeast^.10:31
sixwheeledbeast^bencoh: I recall a thread on TMO many years ago where it was suspected block some devices?10:31
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brolin_empeyI gather that Google has been caught intentionally causing problems for users of Windows Phone/Windows 10 Mobile because Google wants users to use Android instead of Windows Phone/Windows 10 Mobile.10:33
sixwheeledbeast^Not many cars with drums on the rear any more, well over this side the water anyway.10:34
bencohsixwheeledbeast^: I don't quite remember if there was any proper conclusion in this thread10:34
bencohI can see here is ssl_read_data: SSL_ERROR=5, ret=0, errno: Success10:34
sixwheeledbeast^bencoh: :nod:10:35
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sixwheeledbeast^i dont remember either10:36
brolin_empeyAlledgedly Google also does not want Windows NT on ARM to take market share from Android nor Chrome OS.10:37
brolin_empeySpecifically Windows 10 on ARM, not Windows Phone 8, which already used a Windows NT kernel on ARM.10:38
brolin_empeysixwheeledbeast^: Only the handbrake uses drum brakes.  The normal brakes on both the front and rear are disc brakes.10:40
sixwheeledbeast^Mechanical cable and hydraulic connections for the rear calipers.10:44
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brolin_empeyI should not skip sleep but I am still young and I am still at the office at almost 02:00 so I guess I am not sleeping tonight, sigh.10:50
brolin_empeyNow I can be the depersonalised from sleep deprivation version of myself for Halloween.10:51
brolin_empeyIs there a Pumpkin Pi brand of SBC?10:53
brolin_empeyDoes Apple use eMMC on an x86 computer?  I wondered if an x86-64 SBC such as the UP Board or Latte Panda can run Mac OS x86 (Mac OS X for x86 hacked/patched to run on non-Apple computers) but these SBCs use eMMC instead of SATA or NVMe.10:57
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bencohHmmm ... phone actually sends IMSI to SUPL server ....11:52
bencoh"yay" ...11:52
KotCzarnyyou have been tracked for so long, does it matter then?11:53
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bencohfor some stupid reason I'd rather give that information to nokia than google11:53
bencoh(well, back when nokia operated a supl server, at least)11:54
KotCzarnymake an anonymizing supl proxy?11:54
KotCzarnywasnt it some http data anyway?11:54
bencohit doesn't look like "plain http data"11:55
bencohand I'm basically trying to get maemo/location-proxy to work with through supl-proxy, yeah11:55
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brolin_empeyI was curious to know if the VIA x86 CPUs have the same vulnerabilities, such as Meltdown and Spectre, as Intel x86 CPUs.  Apparently at least the VIA C7-M does have the same vulnerabilities:
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DocScrutinizer05bencoh: >>sends IMSI<< WTF?!?!!13:00
DocScrutinizer05>><KotCzarny> make an anonymizing supl proxy?<< was what we discussed to set up on maemo infra13:02
bencohand yeah, we discussed that here ~10 months ago13:04
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sixwheeledbeast^brolin_empey: I believe there is a script on github to check the vulnerability17:04
infobotphonecontrol is, like,
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KotCzarnyhow many spares sixwheeler has to have?18:23
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sixwheeledbeast^If centre tyre is flat you don't even notice.18:32
sixwheeledbeast^rear wheels have redundancy :)18:32
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halftuxginggs: thank you yes it is helpful only that patches greater 1mb are not presented but it is still useful21:33
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halftuxhas somebody worked with debhelper7 and cdbs-dh7, cdbs-dh7 needs fdupes I don't know why and this package doesn't exists anyone has a clue or a fdupes package?22:04
halftuxyes I have seen this it is broken but cdbs-dh7 is already in extras22:16
ginggshalftux: ah right, i see what you mean now22:16
halftuxok fixed it by rebuilding package from jessie22:45
halftuxshould I upload it to extra-devel ?22:45
ginggshalftux: that would be nice, otherwise cdbs-dh7 will remain non-installable22:54
halftuxroughly 30kb,the  deb is 21kb should I maemo-optify it? Or at which size should packages optified or should all packages be optified?22:59
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ginggshalftux: I don't recall any specific rules about that, I'd guess at 21kb it wouldn't be worth the effort23:08
halftuxthe kernel-power-headers are still not imported to extras. promoted 2018-10-2023:33
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