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sunshavi/PRIVMSG KotCzarny hi03:29
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DocScrutinizer05>>[2018-10-21 23:58:14] <Oksana> Screen on, no backlight: N900's display consumes +80mA Does that include power consumption of touchscreen, or LCD screen only?<< good question, prolly touchscreen aka digitizer been not considered. Then OTOH it doesn't consume any noticeable energy afaik06:09
DocScrutinizer05particularly R-TS doesn't consume any power in theory as long as no touch event06:10
DocScrutinizer05anyway I don't get how the power consumption is particularly relevant for evaluation if >>could it be replaced by an LCD projector with 85mW average power consumption<<06:12
DocScrutinizer05nota bene, this is only the display part (light modulation) of a projector. You need the "backlight" too, for that projector probably a RGB laser source06:13
DocScrutinizer05Oksana: ^^^06:14
DocScrutinizer05regarding VPN it's a system immanent problem that they get abused for spamming and thus get blacklisted.06:16
DocScrutinizer05you can remove the VPN egress server's IP addr from BL every day and it gets re-added a few hours later06:17
DocScrutinizer05the problem remains maemo who block VPN IPs (among others) for mere *reading* of website, which is a stupid thing to do regarding the purpose of those blacklists which is stop SPAM *getting posted*06:18
DocScrutinizer05so the correct thing would be to block log-in of blacklisted IPs. I.E. test the IP of user only on the login page06:20
DocScrutinizer05make the "keep me logged in" cookie depend on IP and re-evaluate IP when it changes. Delete session cookie when the new IP is on blacklist, otherwise rewrite the cookie to accept the new IP and have user authenticated/logged-in so they can post06:22
DocScrutinizer05for READING maemo site, no blacklist whatsoever should block any user from doing so06:23
DocScrutinizer05sparre: Oksana: @council: ^^^06:25
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sparreDocScrutinizer05: Agreed.06:26
DocScrutinizer05aiui the complication in maemo infra is: the RBL filtering function is done on our FireWalls that are not linked to the (talk|wiki|whatever) services servers, so first approach the firewall has no idea if a user is trying to log in or just wants to read tmo, wiki ...06:30
DocScrutinizer05the infra needs to learn: services (talk.m.o) check RBLs locally during login. If some sort of attack is detected by a service server, the service server could send a "please protect me from this!" request to the FW, setting the particular connection on a local ephemeral blacklist on firewall, much like fail2ban does06:35
DocScrutinizer05actually fail2ban comes with pretty much all we need, just needs to get distributed over service and firewall servers06:37
DocScrutinizer05really no big thing. No idea however what it takes to teach the forum software to run the RBL check on login06:38
DocScrutinizer05aaah, the firewall of course needs to know if an inbound packet tries to write...06:45
DocScrutinizer05prolly nothing DPI can't do, if we hadn't HTTPS encryption that forbids the firewall to know what payload a packet has. So it remains a duty of the service server's (forum...) software to check RBL vs IP on *every* write action. Still not as much trouble as it may sound, since the software already needs to do other checks in every single case that matters here: user's state of log-in06:51
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DocScrutinizer05HMMMM   >>Powered by vBulletinĀ® Version 3.8.8<<07:09
DocScrutinizer05I guess it's about time to get a 209.- bucks upgrade
DocScrutinizer05  >>Works with vBulletin 3.6.x+ and all versions of vBulletin 4<<07:17
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Juestowow hey07:58
DocScrutinizer05wow hey?08:08
DocScrutinizer05Juesto: please elaborate08:08
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JuestoDocScrutinizer05: i fell asleep. and i was kind of saying hi xd19:58
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