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dreamerdoes anyone have experience with blocking phone numbers?14:46
dreamerI see there is a daemon called Callerx, does it work?14:46
KotCzarnyi'm using pycallblocker14:48
KotCzarnyit seems to work fine (sometimes need prodding tho)14:48
dreamerprodding how?14:48
KotCzarnyentering the config and adding/removing something14:50
KotCzarnyseems that it can forget to load list on device boot14:50
bencohmeh :/14:53
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dreamerI see callerx has a gui. I'm a sucker for guis. so will try that one first :P15:06
dreamer(it's a bit newer than pycallblocker too, so who knows it's maybe more stable ;) )15:06
KotCzarnypycallblocker has ui too15:06
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dreamerok, well too late :P15:10
dreamerif I still get stalked by this one number I'll give pycallblocker a try ;)15:10
sixwheeledbeastcallerx worked better for me15:11
sixwheeledbeastThere can be a delay in call blocking if the system is under load15:12
sixwheeledbeastSo you can experience 3 rings before blocking on the first call15:13
sixwheeledbeastassuming the blocked number calls you a number of times in a row15:13
sixwheeledbeastIf it's spam I would normally report to telco, if it's just someone yo don't wish to speak to or filter callerx works ok.15:14
KotCzarnyhere they usually use indetifiable voip range15:17
KotCzarnyso easy to differentiate from random calls15:17
sixwheeledbeastI also tie really annoying calls in with per custom ringtone to have a silent ringtone. Just because i use that15:19
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Vajbdreamer: I use callerx. It has nice feature. If you reboot your phone you need to do disable-enable in gui. Otherwise it will block all calls17:16
Vajbbut I use it in whitelist mode. If number is not in my list, it'll be blocked17:17
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sixwheeledbeastVajb: IIRC that issue seems to only happen with whitelist mode.17:19
sixwheeledbeastI prefer blacklist myself, you never know who may need to call17:20
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Vajbyeah I thought so and included in my comment after a thought17:22
KotCzarnyso callerx needs prodding too?17:23
Vajbnowadays I keep it off since spamming has degreased a lot17:23
Vajbmight as well purge it, but then who knows17:23
dreamerVajb: oh, that sounds pretty bad .. so it doesn't load the blacklist but just blocks everything? o.O17:42
sixwheeledbeastIIRC on boot it seems to think you are in blacklist mode but your whitelist is loaded.17:46
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Vajbdreamer: it loads blacklist I guess, but I used whitelist mode18:01
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