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Wikiwidekid3-cli sounds interesting, despite being written in Qt. But it's tiresome.00:11
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Wikiwidepython-mutagen does support lyrics, synchronised or not.00:17
WikiwideI am tired of massive code of Mussorgsky. Difficult to keep track of what is where.00:18
WikiwideSee in python-mutagen for its support of lyrics.00:18
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timelesshi DocScrutinizer0501:17
* timeless is looking for someone familiar w/ ipv6 + rtnetlink01:17
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* timeless sighs02:00
timelessso, i now have an ipv6 tunnelbroker working for the office02:00
timelessour ping times are faster to our remote servers when we use the tunnel than when we don't...02:00
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DocScrutinizer05timeless: tried mtr?03:10
timelessDocScrutinizer05: we run mtr on a periodic basis03:11
timelessbut why do you ask?03:11
* timeless is currently fighting nagios03:11
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brolin_empeyDoes the Droid 4 have cellular connectivity with a non-CDMA cellular provider, such as Fido in Canada?06:52
inzVajb, it just makes everything better, amirite07:23
inzOops, replied to a ancient message07:23
Vajbinz: yeah I agree. I started learning vim and thought of trying out hjkl in evince when reading. Must say that it is fast way of scrolling through document.07:36
Vajband what's more, if is scroll evince with touchscreen it sort of "distords" or moves by leaving traces. With hjkl or normal arrowa it scrolls smoothly07:36
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WikiwideHow do I know which version of  maebbled I have?07:54
WikiwideAnd why is at only 0.91, instead of 0.92 or something?07:54
VajbWikiwide: apt-cache policy maebbled?07:57
WikiwideNot in repositories yet?07:58
Vajbbut I thought it shows installed version anyways?08:05
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WikiwideIt's not a debian package. It's just a zip with a python script.08:09
Wikiwideapt-cache policy maebbled > W: Unable to locate package maebbled08:16
Vajbok, then I don't know08:16
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brolin_empeyOksana: I do not know what maebbled is but, if it is a script instead of a compiled executable file, have you checked if the executable file itself says the version?09:29
brolin_empeyI mean read the executable file to see if it says the version.09:30
brolin_empeyI mean if the program is a plain-text file instead of a binary file.09:31
brolin_empeyOr have you tried running it with a --version option?09:32
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brolin_empeyOK, I opened your garage link so now I at least know what maebbled is.09:39
brolin_empeyHurrian: I bought a Gigabyte GA-EP45-DS3R rev 1.0 model of full-size ATX LGA775 motherboard locally for 40 CAD.  It uses all solid capacitors and officially supports up to 16 GiB of DDR2 SDRAM for main memory.09:43
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Oksanabrolin_empey : I have not managed to get it to say its version by --version. I have opened the python file with vim, and found no version here, either10:32
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brolin_empeyOksana: OK.  What if you run it with --help ?  Does it mention the version or an option to get the version?10:38
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sunshaviHi guys. is there a way of knowing if pc suite mode is active?17:01
Wizzupthere is a script to check if it is active in /usr/sbin/ iirc17:03
Wizzupah, no, sec.17:03
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sunshaviWizzup: Thanks I am going to check it. it need it for an script also17:07
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Wizzupjust check if those files exist then17:07
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sunshavithis device has an stock kernel not cssu. but still i have a second device with cssu17:08
sunshavithose files "/det/ttyGS* are present even when usb cable is unplugged17:09
sunshavithere is a way of disabling "pc suite mode" with an script?17:10
sunshavifor the case when i have just unplugged the device from the usb port17:10
sunshavithis is the case, my device is connected to my wk station. I am sending a notification(notify-send) to my workstation every time an (sms|phone call) happens on n90017:13
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Wizzupyes, there are scripts to enable/disable it17:13
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Wizzupyes, there are scripts to enable/disable it17:16
brolin_empeyWizzup: I looked up the Droid 4 again last night but I cannot tell if the Droid 4 can have cellular connectivity with a non-CDMA cellular provider, such as my provider, Fido in Canada.17:16
Wizzup/usr/sbin/* iirc, but you'll be going around ke-recv, so that's not good. better is to issue the mode change requests using dbus, look at hildon-status-usv-bar17:16
Wizzupbrolin_empey: I think it should work fine, but 4g lte might not work17:17
Wizzupbrolin_empey: droid4 works in europe anyway, even though I think it was only made for the usa17:17
Wizzupbrolin_empey: btw #maemo-leste might be better for this convo17:17
sunshaviWizzup: but i want to avoid sending the notification when17:18
sunshavi                           usb cable is unplugged17:18
sunshavi"hildon-status-usv-bar" i am going to check that17:18
Wizzupsunshavi: might help17:18
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WizzupI have to go for a bit17:20
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sunshaviWizzup: this is for later. Yes an icon appears when usb cable is plugged. But It seems there is no a dbus script for checking it17:21
Wizzupif just want to act on a cable being plugged (or detect it rather) then you need hal17:23
Wizzupcan you describe what you want to do exactly?17:23
Wizzupafk - but will be back in an hour or so17:23
sunshavithen i am going to do lshal and inspect it. then I would report back17:25
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Wizzupsunshavi:  check hildon-status-bar-usb, it uses hal17:25
sunshaviin the meantime this file could be useful /tmp/.current_usb_mode17:25
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sunshaviWizzup: I have two ways for detecting it with lshal. We could discuss that later.17:35
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sunshaviWizzup: this could be "lshal | grep usb_device.vbus\ =\ 1"17:44
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Wizzupsunshavi: lshal is not a notification18:58
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sunshaviWizzup: I have the notification script done, what my notification script does not have if a way of knowing when n900 is connected by usb to my workstation21:31
Wizzupsunshavi: compared to? connected to? power socket?21:31
sunshaviI still need to identify when is just charging with the nokia-wall-charger, from when is charging on my workstation21:32
Wizzupsee if it the charger is dedicted or not21:34
Wizzupdcp vs cpd21:34
sunshaviprobably lshal output has smth 4 that also21:35
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