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OksanaIs there a standard for file format of logs of instant messages? So that they can be tracked by tracker, instead of being dumped in one sqlite file.02:21
DocScrutinizer05not afaik02:48
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sicelowhat would be benefit for having the linked to tracker? i don't even see what the benefit of tracker is with everything that it already tracks, except music & images.08:18
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MaxdamantusStandard log format = text09:18
MaxdamantusWorks with a wide range of software.09:18
MaxdamantusResistant to corruption.09:18
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sixwheeledbeastScout will search through messages, not sure if that is SMS or IM10:15
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Vajbmy n900 just acted up interestingly. I listened to music via bluetooth headset. Paused the playback and put it on charge. Led started blinking and I thought to check if anyone tried to reach by. I slid slide open, but screen remained black. I tried the switch thing, nothing happened. I tried powerkey, nothing. Led kept blinking but otherwise device seemed dead. Then I disconnected my headset and thought to15:27
Vajbgive some time for it. One and half hour later the state was same. I switched on the headset, it connected, but I were not able to start the playback.15:27
buZzVajb: why not just remove battery and reboot the device?15:28
VajbI had no idea, but to try and remove battery. White led showed like in normal switch off. After plugging in the battery device started up normally15:28
VajbbuZz: I've been told that hard power off is not exactly a good thing so I wanted to avoid that.15:29
Vajbbut in the end I had no choice15:29
Vajbis this common among other devices?15:30
buZzyeah its not a good thing , but 2 hrs no display is not a good thing either :P15:30
VajbI was at the gym ;)15:30
buZzVajb: we'd be unable to compare devices, my os isnt yours :)15:30
buZzthats not a good thing either :P15:30
Vajbmatter of taste :)15:31
bencohVajb: in such a case I'd usually try connecting to it via usb15:31
buZzmatter of just moving enough in real life ;)15:31
Vajbdoes it make a difference if I reveal it is a climbing gym :p15:32
buZzVajb: not really :P15:33
Vajbbencoh: lets hope next time it happens Im at home, but now i were expecting phone call.15:33
buZzcompensating for passive behaviour IRL should be through active behaviour IRL , not in forced settings15:34
buZzbut well, i guess i'm hollistic or something15:34
buZzeach to its own ;)15:34
Vajbactually I go here because I like it15:34
Vajbhmm my sentence feels a bit retarded15:35
buZz'there' would be better in place, i think15:36
Vajbyes, sounds better.15:57
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Palijust one structure? remove comments and write that C strucute from scratch19:11
freemangordonbut I want to hear from the guy as well19:13
freemangordonI don;t see a problem adding him to authors unless he insist on relicensing under gpl3, which would not happen19:14
freemangordonactually there are 2 structures, but that makes no difference19:15
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ontimeOn n900 after boot dmesg shows 5 LEB bad. So I did nandtest on all mtd mindlessly. Who knows what that mean? :) Almost completly dead device, even doesn't react to pwr key to switch on. Found it first needs NOLO - success. Second, full flash - success (but phone board shows revision 0000 instead of 2101 or 2104). Now when try install kernel-power, just after launch softupd it shows: "ERROR: sysinfo: Phone info (block phone-info) read fa20:34
KotCzarnyfind yourself new one?20:36
ontimewhy? it seems all work, but not kernel-power20:38
KotCzarnydoes modem work? (phone part)20:38
ontimeneed to check20:38
ontimephonet0 is available20:39
freemangordonontime: your CAL partition is erased20:39
ontimeyes, modem works20:41
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freemangordonunfortunately it contains device specific data which can;t be restored20:41
freemangordonlike wifi calibration values20:41
freemangordonalso, wlan/BT MAC addresses20:41
freemangordonKotCzarny: iirc IMEI etc is not in CAL20:42
KotCzarnyhmm, might be messing up shorthands then (was it cmt?)20:42
freemangordoniirc BB5 has its own persistent storage20:43
freemangordonnot 100% sure though20:43
freemangordonyes, cmt20:43
KotCzarnyso apart from wifi/bt breaking, what are consequences of nuked cal data?20:43
freemangordonshould be that, can't recall anything else critical20:44
freemangordonah, HW revision too20:44
freemangordonontime: if you manage to get cal partition from another device, you may restore your n900 to almost 100% functional state20:45
freemangordonbut wifi calib and MAC addresses will be incorrect20:46
ontimewifi connects to AP, but no route20:47
ontimeyes, I can get cal partition from another N90020:47
ontimebut how?20:47
DocScrutinizer05>>So I did nandtest on all mtd<< OUCH!!!!20:48
ontimenow I know thats bad idea20:48
ontimenandtest has misleading name20:48
DocScrutinizer05>>iirc BB5 has its own persistent storage<< of course. A ton err many MB20:50
freemangordonontime: it was long time ago I played with cal partition, but I have some vague memories that cat /dev/mtdXXX > cal_backup on a working device and then cat cal_backup > /dev/mtdXXX on the broken one will do the job20:51
freemangordonyou'll miss onenand erase counts, atc, but that should be there20:51
freemangordon*DATA* should be there :)20:52
DocScrutinizer05find a cal dump on cloud720:53
freemangordonDocScrutinizer05: is it dumped with cat?20:53
DocScrutinizer053 methods, diff shows they are identical. flashing though doesn't work with cat IIRC20:53
ontimesome around reflashing, I did nanddump all mtd from another working dev, and nandwrite to this poor one from rescueos, so that part is done20:55
freemangordonyou should be ok then20:55
ontimeok, I reflash once again, and should be fine20:55
freemangordonontime: you wrote the whole onenand or only cal partition?20:57
DocScrutinizer05freemangordon: this is what? 3rd time somevody really bricked his device?20:57
ontimeeach mtd separatly20:57
freemangordonDocScrutinizer05: it is not really bricked20:57
DocScrutinizer05as bricked as it gets20:58
freemangordonontime: you should've written CAL partition only20:58
DocScrutinizer05N900 is unbrickable20:58
ontimegood chunk of hw20:59
DocScrutinizer05I *think* I've seen 2 nandtest bricks and one real damage by unknown reason21:03
DocScrutinizer05not counting the real hw failures21:03
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