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Hurrianyep brolin_empey?05:53
brolin_empeyDid you see my messages from yesterday?06:04
Hurriannah, left shortly after my last message to get stuff installed in my car06:05
brolin_empeyThen can you look back to read the messages?06:06
Hurrianwell, I did say it was worth a try with those 4GBx4 DDR2 modules, since it worked on a same-era intel chipset06:07
brolin_empeySaid RAM modules have still not arrived despite being shipped on 2018‑07‑15.  eBay says that the end of the ETA is 2018‑09‑06, which I added to my calendar.  I hope they still arrive.06:20
brolin_empeyI can try to ask the eBay seller of this motherboard if they can test with 4×4-GiB DDR2 DIMMs.06:21
brolin_empeyI guess I should still try to get around to finding the cost of buying a LGA1366 (Socket B?) motherboard + compatible CPU and DDR3 DIMM(s) as an alternative to staying with Socket T motherboards.06:24
Hurrianif they miss the ETA, complain to eBay and get it refunded06:24
Hurrianalso, single socket LGA1366 boards are way overpriced for the performance you'd get on them, dual socket boards ship for about the same price06:25
brolin_empeyCan a dual socket board work with only one CPU socket used?06:26
Hurrianyeah, but given how cheap an X5650 can be had for, it's just $25 to get a second CPU06:27
brolin_empeyWhat is X5650?06:28
Hurrianit's a LGA1366 CPU06:29
brolin_empeyWill it be much faster than a C2D E8400 or C2Q Q9450?06:30
Hurrianhands down, yeah06:31
brolin_empeySo around $50 (USD?) for two LGA1366 CPUs?  How much for the motherboard and RAM, at least 8 GiB but preferably at least 16 GiB?06:34
Hurrian4GB per DIMM ECC DDR3 registered memory is getting sold pretty much by the bucket nowadays06:42
Hurrianand with a dual socket server having an average of 12 DIMM slots (triple channel, 2 DIMM per channel) you can make some really crazy setups06:44
brolin_empeySo 48 GiB maximum with 4-GiB DIMMs.06:51
Hurrianmake sure you populate both memory banks equally unless your OS is NUMA aware06:54
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brolin_empeyIs any of this local to me stuff worth buying?07:05
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Hurrianthe $50 motherboard looks worth it, try asking if you can get the heatsink and RAM for $8007:08
Hurrianthen just order a X5650 and overclock the balls off of it07:08
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