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brolin_empeyHeh at the comment from margaret.  I tried it myself and got the same result, with the type of r both double and float.09:11
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KotCzarnytry 1.0/3 or 1/3.010:10
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KotCzarnyotherwise compiler treats right side as only integers, and rounds it correctly to 010:10
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MaxdamantusThe sensible behaviour is for languages to not implicitly do arithmetic across different number types.10:23
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Maxdamantusbut afaik, the only well-known language to do that properly is Haskell, because it has HM type inference, which means you're not forced to write things like `1f/2f`10:23
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KotCzarnybut most of all: people actually using those languages being aware of the details10:24
KotCzarnybe it js, c or whatever10:24
MaxdamantusI hadn't heard of the BigInt proposal until now, but they're doing the right thing by enforcing the separation.10:25
MaxdamantusIt would probably get a bit tedious though for languages that have more than two number types.10:25
KotCzarnyyou mean 'onenumber type'10:26
KotCzarnydarn, my space is dying10:26
MaxdamantusWell, supposedly ES with BigInts already has two.10:27
Maxdamantusalso, regarding that post, I suspect it would be a lot quicker to find the maximum size by just calling the `BigInt` constructor passing a string.10:30
* Maxdamantus builds V8.10:32
Maxdamantusoh, nvm about the string thing, the exponent itself is already very large.10:40
Maxdamantusbut I'm guessing the test instructed it to print the number to the console, which might have been what was taking long.10:41
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