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WikiwideWhat web browsers exist for maemo that are hildon-ised? And don't give the same "no common encryption algorithm(s)" error that MicroB does.00:20
WikiwidePreferably Qt-free and Python-free.00:20
sicelothere aren't even non-hildonised ones afaik. of all n900/maemo problems in this day & age, browsing is the worst of them all00:25
siceloi use opera-mobile, fennec17/thumb, & microb. sometimes one of the works for a given site when the other(s) don't. then at times all don't00:26
sicelos/of the/of them/00:26
bencohthe qt-based ones could actually work assuming you rebuild qt against a newer openssl version00:27
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bencohor you could use an http(s) proxy, compiled against a recent openssl version as well00:28
bencoh(that would work even with microb)00:28
WikiwideFennec17 I have as well, but it's very slow. And I don't think it works around this particular problem.00:33
Wikiwidebencoh : a browser doesn't have to be qt-based to be re-built against the latest openssl. Just, MicroB is too old to be the one that gets the re-build. Not unless this re-build would include a newer version of Gecko-Goanna engine, as well - and it would be massive work.00:35
WikiwideHow would proxy work for https?00:36
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sixwheeledbeastjonwil has done the hard work for getting TLS 1.2 to work for Qt. MicroB is not that simple.00:43
brolin_empeyWikiwide: the N900 is very slow in my experience, which is part of the reason I stopped using it.00:44
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brolin_empeyI took the bulging smartphone batteries to my local recycling depot.  The man working there seemed to not care that the batteries were bulging.  I recorded a video of the batteries to show how bulgy they are because it seemed difficult to show with a still image.00:46
brolin_empeyHow do you run scp from bash if the destination file name contains parentheses?  I could not quickly find the answer so I worked around the problem by copying to a temporary remote file name without parentheses, then renaming the destination file on the remote host.00:48
sixwheeledbeastI would expect you could escape them like whitespace?00:53
sixwheeledbeastor enclose in single quotes?00:54
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brolin_empeysixwheeledbeast: I thought so too but neither of those ideas worked.  Now, hours later, I realised that bash may have a way to specify a character by its numeric value/code point specified as a string, like “‑” for U+2011 in HTML.01:05
sixwheeledbeastx being hex value?01:08
sixwheeledbeastI suppose it would be sensible for chars like that not to be used in filenames in the first place. but that can be out of your control.01:12
brolin_empeysixwheeledbeast: Yes, the ‘x’ indicates that the following value is in hexadecimal.  Without qualification, the following value is interpreted as decimal.  And yes, I agree that it is easier to avoid using these special characters in file names if feasible.  I ended up renaming the file on the destination/remote host to use only “normal” characters instead of using parentheses.01:22
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Oksanaasixwheeledbeast : MicroB is not ever simple, be it upgrade of Gecko-Goanna, or upgrade of openssl, or whatever.02:24
Oksanaabrolin_empey : It would not be so slow if... Websites weren't so bloated. Ikiwiki is simple enough to load just fine. Internet banking website loads mostly fine, but JavaScript makes it extra slow.02:25
Oksanaabrolin_empey : I think that battery collectors collect any batteries - rusty, leaking, bulging, whichever chemistry - and then carry them by land, not air, to wherever they sort and recycle them.02:27
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brolin_empeyOksanaa: I meant that the N900 is generally too slow, not only for Web browsing.  The cellular data connection on the N900 in Canada is so slow that it is practically unusable for Web browsing even if the computer is sufficiently fast.03:41
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OksanaaCellular data connection is slow? Why? Because it's 3G [not 4G], or because cellular modem is old-ish, or because cellular antenna is not that good?09:33
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brolin_empeyOksanaa: Because the cellular modem of the N900 does not support the fast cellular data network/connection types used in Canada, as far as I know, which may be part of the reason the N900 was never released in Canada.09:47
OksanaaHuh, lucky Canada.09:51
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MaxdamantusIt's not just the 3.5 issue, is it? (ime, the phone tends not to manage to switch to "3.5" immediately, so data doesn't get sent)10:04
* Maxdamantus often sends an SMS to himself to get it on 3.510:04
* Maxdamantus needs to set something more automatic up, so he doesn't have to keep opening/closing windows when doing that.10:05
brolin_empeyMaxdamantus: I do not know and it no longer matters because I stopped using an N900 in 2014.10:15
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sixwheeledbeast3G should be fast enough for general browsing IMO. It's a combination of everything, some websites are garbage, the browsers are not compatible with many sites causing it to hang, therefore the device isn't powerful enough to recover from this hanging.13:58
sixwheeledbeastClean boring HTML and basic CSS load fast with no issues but how many sites are like that on the inet?13:59
sixwheeledbeastHTTP not HTTPS I may add, tho.13:59
Vajbbiggest issue is https sites IMO14:17
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Juestojust installed hildon-desktop on lenny lol18:16
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Juestosicelo: it appears that the ui is bora19:17
Juestodiablo i meant19:17
Juestoand it's broken because missing stuff19:18
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Vajbis anyone else having problems connecting to Telegram?20:57
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Vajbseems to be working now.21:47
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siceloVajb: i haven't used it with pidgin in a while now. i use telegram-cli instead ;)22:08
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Vajbsicelo: how does it work in n900?22:14
Juestowhat did i miss22:19
bencohVajb: I've had issues with bitlbee/telegram-purple as well22:21
bencohI think that telegram-purple doesn't support well network disconnections in some case22:22
bencohsometimes it takes it 2h to recover for no apparent reason22:23
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Vajbbencoh: sounds about right. I had network disconnection and then it whined about being unable to connect to server, while all the others work as expected.22:36
Vajbworth noting that my facebook chat in purple worked as well22:36
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siceloVajb: works just fine. hwkbd helps.23:11
siceloobviously no smilies/emoji, but works perfect for me.23:11
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