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MaxdamantusHmm .. interesting behaviour .. if I try to send an SMS to "+640000‹my local number›", maemo figures out that I am the recipient, since I have "0<my local number>" as myself in the address book, but my service provider seems to keep rejecting the message, presumably because of the 0s.10:06
Maxdamantusand when I continue trying to send messages to myself just through selecting myself in the address book, it continues trying to send to that number with the extra 0s.10:06
* Maxdamantus wonders if his provider's behaviour is incorrect in rejecting messages due to extra 0s.10:07
MaxdamantusRestarting csd also doesn't reset that state .. have to send another SMS addressed to something like "+640<my local number>"10:08
Maxdamantuser, rather, "+64<my local number>"10:11
ceenethe phone latching the state is strange10:12
ceenebut the fact that it believes that +84xxxxxx<number> is your number, is something very usual10:12
ceeneit happens on all nokia phones since forever, and I guess that it still happens on android phones10:13
ceenelet me check10:13
MaxdamantusI'm guessing it's significant that the numbers are just 0s.10:13
ceeneyep, same thing10:13
ceenedoesn't matter if they are 0s or whatever10:13
ceenethe phone only checks the least significant digits10:14
ceenein fact10:14
ceenelet's say your number is +64789876543, where +64 is your country code, the phone would recognize +64889876543 as the same contact10:14
ceenenote that i've replaced the first 7 with an 810:14
MaxdamantusHm, yeah, interesting .. when I do "+641234<my local number>" it also resolves to myself as the contact.10:15
ceenetry to replace a couple of digits at the begining of your local number, it'll happen the same10:15
MaxdamantusWeird. Do you know what is likely to be the logic behind that?10:16
Maxdamantusbtw, all the time I've been saying "<my local number>", that number starts with "21", but for local mobile numbers we always put "0" in front of them, dunno if that actually signifies anything.10:17
ceenei think for older phones, they just didn't want to lose storage by saving all the possible country codes that do exist, so instead of checking the full number, let's check only the 5-6 rightmost digits10:17
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Maxdamantuswhen using the number internationally, one would put "+64" in front instead of "0"10:17
ceeneand that's probably another reason: sometimes, you have to dial a prefix in front of a number, but it depends on the network you're at10:17
ceeneif I'm in spain, i can call any 6xxxxxxxx or 9xxxxxxxx number, but while on roaming, I need to place +34 in front of that10:18
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ceeneso, since there's probably not an easy logic, and each cell provider on any country can do whatever the hell they want10:18
ceenethe easiest solution is to just check the rightmost digits10:18
MaxdamantusHm, interesting.10:18
ceenei first realized that happening when I dialed manually the number of my then SO of 2 days10:19
ceenei had mismemorized the number10:19
ceenebut when manually dialing, the phone would tell me "I'm calling SO", but in fact I was calling the number I typed10:19
ceeneso an angry guy kept shouting at me10:19
ceeneuntil I decided something was wrong, let's ask her what her number is, let's check what's on my contact list, etc etc10:20
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Maxdamantusas for the "0" in front of "<my local number>", that seems to be optional, but I can't add more than one "0" to the beginning.10:24
MaxdamantusAh, apparently "00" is a standard IDD prefix, so that will obviously be ambiguous in some countries.10:26
Maxdamantusapparently that's the IDD prefix used here.10:30
ceeneif you dial from a landline, instead of +xx you have to type 00xx10:30
ceeneso the 00 on the cellular phone probably works exactly as +10:30
MaxdamantusWell, aiui, the "00" part can vary between countries/providers.10:31
ceenei thought that was a standard, but i guess it can vary too10:31
Maxdamantuswhich is why "+" is used as a generic way of representing the necessary prefix.10:31
ceeneChina, Italy, the United Kingdom or any other country following the ITU-recommendation10:32
ceeneI guess that's why I thought the 00 was everywhere10:32
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