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jonwilFinally getting somewhere with QT01:14
jonwilI found 3 changes to the SSL code in upstream QT 4.7.4 that we dont have in our copy so I will apply those and then after that I will start looking at and applying patches going forward until we hit 4.8.7 and then after that I can apply the OpenSSL 1.1 patch from Debian01:15
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jonwilok, new plan: Grab a "git log" of the ssl code from our QT tree and one from qt 4.8.7 then compare the 2. Any patches we have in our tree that aren't in 4.8.7 (i.e. backports for SNI and blacklisted certificates and etc) remove those since they will be comming back later. Then once we have something with no local patches to the ssl directory, start applying patches one by one to get to 4.8.7...02:06
jonwil...followed by the OpenSSL 1.1 patch.02:06
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Maxdamantusor just apply `git diff maemo-base..v4.8.7`03:15
Maxdamantusinstead of trying to apply each patch individually (which could easily be more work, depending on the nature of the changes)03:15
jonwilExcept that I only want to apply specific changes to one folder and not the entire tree (which git diff can't do)03:16
Maxdamantus(`maemo-base` being the commit in the actual qt repo that corresponds to maemo before the maemo-specific patches)03:16
Maxdamantussure, `git diff maemo-base..v4.8.7 -- ./some/particular/tree`03:17
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jonwilI also need to review all the changes since I already know there are some patches I do not want to apply to this tree03:17
MaxdamantusThen you might want to interactively rebase the v4.8.7 commit onto the maemo-base commit beforehand.03:18
Maxdamantusor just revert those changes afterwards.03:19
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Maxdamantusthough fwiw, this is the sort of stuff that makes it really hard to upgrade in the future.03:22
Maxdamantushaving trees with random sets of patches applied .. sounds like that's what maemo already has.03:22
jonwilIf it was easy to just upgrade QT right to 4.8.7 I would definitely do that03:22
jonwilMaybe I should do a log compare of 4.7.4 stock vs current maemo tree and see what's different there...03:31
Oksanajonwil : Regarding Firefox 24, Pale Moon web browser may be of interest. It was forked from Firefox 24, retains XUL, XPCOM and NPAPI compatibility, and updates other parts of browser with newer Firefox source code03:51
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OksanaGranted, Pale Moon expects Gtk+ 2.24 and Glibc 2.17. And I am not sure if it would be faster or slower than Firefox 24.04:05
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VajbI am using bluetooh headset on n900 and I am wondering if I can modify the commands that headset is inputting? Like adding "go back 10 seconds" to play/pause.16:01
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DocScrutinizer05Vajb: BT headset sends input events just like multimedia keys on your hw keyboard on PC do16:14
DocScrutinizer05assigning a particular function to a key is a matter of keymap and the process listening to events and acting on them16:15
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Vajbok. I think that was yes. Guess I'll need to find out what triggers when it sends signal16:16
DocScrutinizer05I bet there's a KotCzarny with a mediaplayer that already supports what you want ;-)16:31
Vajboh yeah that pcso. Actually this I need this for Panucci audiobook player. When ever Im distracted and forced to pause, I'd like to jump back ten seconds when i continue.17:01
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Vajbit seems that /org/maemo/playback0 is reacting to headsetbuttons17:12
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