IRC log of #maemo for Wednesday, 2018-05-02

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OksanaWhere does estimation of country come from? Because GPS location often shows up on equator in Papua New Guinea or something, at first, and only later jumps back into Australia, New South Wales. Inconvenient, cannot it stay at last remembered actual location until GPS lock is achieved, instead of04:25
OksanaAnd yes, timezone is automatically set correctly from cellular.04:25
Oksanagoing and jumping into the ocean because of initial-imprecise-pre-lock estimation?04:25
DocScrutinizer05Oksana: I think there are several sources of info for first location estimation, TZ for example, plus actually last GPS fix, plus a number of other04:51
DocScrutinizer05GSM network being one04:51
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sixwheeledbeastI also have that issue of being in a nearby ocean.11:15
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DocScrutinizer05swimming? ;-=15:33
DocScrutinizer05;-) even15:33
DocScrutinizer05I noticed unusual GPS ... issues... since 27th of Apr. Maybe USA is nervous?15:34
DocScrutinizer05or google maps just deployed a broken update15:35
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sixwheeledbeastWaterproof N900?15:43
DocScrutinizer05they better had sealed it15:44
DocScrutinizer05the N900 is one of the most water damage susceptable devices I know15:44
sixwheeledbeastnano-coating maybe?15:57
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RST38hSimply don't swim with it.16:20
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MaxdamantusA watertight plastic bag should do it.16:29
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halftuxDocScrutinizer05: I don't have '/dev/input/event4' on my system event0=powerbutton event1=keypad event2=headphone jack event3=touchscreen maybe event4 pops up when connecting some bluetooth device19:05
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DocScrutinizer05aaah that makes sense, many thanks :-)19:15
DocScrutinizer05yes, I guess it's BT related19:15
DocScrutinizer05I connected and disconnected my BT headset a dozen times every day, last 2 weeks19:16
DocScrutinizer05audio got pretty confused19:16
DocScrutinizer05it's one of those smart BT headsets that can pair and connect to two devices concurrently19:17
DocScrutinizer05and it consists of two separate earpieces, so when I power up the second one, the first ine disconnects and then it reconnects as stereo headset19:17
DocScrutinizer05and that prolly been a little bit too much for poor old N900 ;-)19:18
DocScrutinizer05halftux: did you manage to expand the rich coredumps?19:19
DocScrutinizer05rich-core-extract <file.lzo>19:20
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halftuxI had a short look into these files. But I need to learn how to get helpful information out of it so I installed gdb and this crash-reporter(sp-rich-core)19:35
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halftuxbtw you have a nice music collection reported by the racker. Will not pass any privat information to others. But keep in mind that others could find privat information in these core dumps.19:46
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DocScrutinizer05I pondered that and found there's no valuable info in them19:53
DocScrutinizer05no critical info rather19:54
DocScrutinizer05IP? IMEI? WLAN names? I don't care19:54
DocScrutinizer05my music? be my guest19:55
DocScrutinizer05phone numbers? ohmy19:55
DocScrutinizer05sure I never would want to share all that to Google, but in a coredump I really don't mind19:56
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DocScrutinizer05to be honst nowadays you have to make sure you don't stand out from the masses by *not* disclosing pointless info19:58
halftuxyes there was no critical inormation19:58
DocScrutinizer05soon everybody without facebook account won't get a job anymore, and a few years later you get arrested for such crime19:59
DocScrutinizer05prolly the only way ahead is not to guard your info but to create fake identities and carefully maintain them with fake data20:00
DocScrutinizer05obviously refugees can't enter USA at all if they don't have a social media identity the immigration authorities can review on your mandatory smartphone20:03
DocScrutinizer05I actually already heard of jobs you can't get when you don't disclose your facebook account so the boss in spe could review it20:04
DocScrutinizer05depressing times20:05
DocScrutinizer05and I don't think it will get any better anytime soon20:05
xes..i'm still receiving emails with CV document linked into their FB account. But probably it's a joke. :)20:05
DocScrutinizer05hi xes!20:06
DocScrutinizer05all fine?20:06
halftuxI think there was also a german au-pair girl who got rejected by the Immigration because of her fb account20:06
xeshi DocScrutinizer05! Fine and busy, too busy. And you?20:06
DocScrutinizer05burnout and a mess20:07
DocScrutinizer05getting old too20:07
xes..every day i suppose. :) isn't it?20:08
DocScrutinizer05prolly need a new concept for (making a) living, sth like breeding pearl oisters in Honolulu or somesuch20:09
DocScrutinizer05or sitting on costa de la liz every day, and reporting / blogging about the weather20:10
DocScrutinizer05de la luz actually20:10
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DocScrutinizer05how old was L. Ron Hubbard when he founded Scientology? ;-P20:11
xesit's a nice idea, but you know change a little everyday is harder than change everything in your life20:12
DocScrutinizer05halftux: now go figure this au-pair would have claimed "I *got no* FB account!"20:13
DocScrutinizer05halftux: do you think this would have been to her favor?20:14
DocScrutinizer05I'm pretty sure you need a FB account to fill in the info about it to your visa application, or your visa will just get denied for unspecified reasons20:15
DocScrutinizer05and an obviously just created "empty" account won't do either20:16
DocScrutinizer05maybe for a while you can get away with "lmgtfy joerg reisenweber openmoko" or somesuch20:17
halftuxI got an esta permit and not giving FB account information because I dont have, but was many times already there20:18
halftuxmaybe it is different when you do your first esta application20:20
halftuxshort visa 90 days or less20:21
DocScrutinizer05sure applies for first applications only, otherwise they already have a file of you20:21
halftuxyes for the us I think it is valid for two years then you need to do the application again20:23
DocScrutinizer05had one of those in iirc 1986 or somesuch20:23
halftuxand the last time I did this there were asking for FB account20:23
halftuxesta=electronic system for travel authorization20:25
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sixwheeledbeastThere is no way I will be forced into creating an account for anything.23:02
APicSounds like a Challenge23:06
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