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Vajbhmm strange, my n900 can not recognize charger correctly. Wall charger flag is set to charger being absent11:42
Vajbso charging takes quite some time...11:43
MaxdamantusVajb: you're aware of the shorted data pins thing, right?11:46
MaxdamantusDevices are meant to assume a dumb power source only when the resistance between D+/D- is less than some amount, otherwise they're meant to negotiate an acceptable current with the host.11:49
Maxdamantusand N900 obeys that by default, but lots of other devices don't, so lots of wall chargers don't bother shorting the pins.11:49
MaxdamantusI think you can override it in software by just writing something like "1800" (for 1800 mA) to some file in sysfs.11:50
MaxdamantusI've just shorted the pins on the chargers I use.11:50
Vajbyes I am aware. I should have had said that this charger has previously been recognized as wall charger. Will test with car charger now.11:52
enycVajb: check with multimeter if ypossible11:57
enycVajb: also, could your n900 just be having usb connector failure/loose (very common problem too)?11:57
VajbI suspect it is the charger cable. Car charger worked as expected.12:07
enycVajb: yes i've seen broken cable wires, cables with only 2 wires, allsorts12:12
VajbAfter examining cable more closely I think that one of the cats has further knowledge over what has happen to that poor cable.12:14
* enyc meows12:15
Vajbit is grinded to the foil in charger end...12:15
* enyc thinks... ..,,oo(( inconsiderate staff, why don't they just provide a proper scratching-post and stuff to pull teeth on instead of these charger-cables ))oo,,..12:16
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Vajbthere is large scratching post which is frequently used, but one of them prefers all of which it can reach...12:20
enycVajb: can you be a 3vil-genus-enginee and provide charging sockets that provide nice regulated 5vdc  floated ontop of a high static-charge type of volage ???12:25
VajbI am afraid I can not. It is level 10 sorcery and I am merely at level 112:27
enycVajb: ok maybte there is a low-tech-solution =)12:28
Vajbbetter yet, maybe there are devices which already do that12:29
Vajbi know i have 13.8v regulated powersupply12:29
enycVajb: i dont acutlaly know if its a good idea =) there may be snags.12:29
VajbI did not intend to use it with phone though ;)12:30
enycVajb: not least if you discharge static int n900 at wrong point maybe it will be very unhappy =)12:30
enycVajb: think electric-fence driver12:30
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Vajbthey pack serious punch...12:31
enycquite maybe somthing more subtle can work12:31
enycp.s. don't play with microwave oven transformers' they are lethal12:31
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VajbI saw one Mythbusters episode where they played with microwaves12:34
VajbMr Hyneman put together 4 of those, but it did not do much12:35
enycVajb: explains well12:36
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enycVajb: see decription if not anything else12:37
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Vajbinteresting topic. I have done quite alot of woodwork, but never that kind of thing.12:40
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enycVajb: bigclivedotcom has lots of interesting taking-stuff-part videos...  the  dangerous-chinese-shit is mentioned a lot =)12:50
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