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dreamerhmz, wvdial doesn't work on recent kernels and now I have no idea how to use my n900 as usb-modem .. any ideas?00:02
dreamer(I don't use network-manager btw ..)00:02
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sicelopppd :)00:13
siceloor you mean that's not working too?00:14
dreamerI have no clue how to use pppd .. to be honest :)00:23
dreamerI looked at pppconfig briefly but had no clue how to use it ..00:24
siceloi guess today people use modem manager or sth like that if they are not using network-manager00:25
dreamersounds like it comes from some desktop env00:25
sicelousing pppd directly isn't that difficult though ... just needs a few files. you'll find many tutorials online00:26
dreamerI'll have a look at modem manager .. because I'm extremely lazy :P00:26
sicelotypically only involves adding  your APN to /etc/chatscripts/gprs, and your correct device in /etc/ppp/peers/provider00:28
dreamerfrom what I can see modem manager doesn't actually connect the network00:30
dreamerI can just see phone/sim/operator details00:30
sicelommm, that's weird. tbh i have never used it, but at least when i look at it, looks to me like it can do connections00:31
dreamerok I'm looking at modem-manager-gui00:31
sicelothat's the same I am looking at :)00:32
dreamernot mmcli (which is the interface to use it from what I can tell)00:32
dreamerok :)00:32
sicelomaybe it just doesn't see your N900 as a modem. did you choose PC-Suite mode?00:34
dreamerah, derp00:35
dreamerand then how to enable the network connection?00:36
siceloshould not need anything further00:37
dreamerI should get an ip by the provider no?00:38
dreamerit says disconnected too00:38
siceloshould set an APN somewhere ...00:38
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wedekerim updating my n900 via apt-get update && upgrade and run out of disk space so im looking in it and found many names like  "microb-engine-common_1%3a20100401-1.9.2-5.2+0m5+0cssu3_all.deb" %3a was ':' in previous version before and wondering if this is ok?21:58
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wedekeri guess my sources are wrong.22:23
wedekerdeb fremantle-1.3 free non-free deb fremantle free non-free deb fremantle/sdk free non-free deb fremantle-1.3 non-free deb fremantle free non-free deb unstable/22:24
wedekerbut why did it want to pull something  from cssu-testing?22:25
sicelocssu-thumb *is* cssu testing :)22:28
sicelojust with a 'thumb' personality, if i may say22:28
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siceloi.e., some of the packages are thumb-complied, but not all22:28
wedekerah ok.22:29
wedekerbut when i browse "" i find "microb-engine_20100401-1.9.2-5.2+0m5+0cssu2+thumb0_armel.deb" cssu2 not cssu322:31
sicelouse apt-cache policy to se where it's offering you the package from22:32
siceloi'm guessing it comes from 'plain' testing22:32
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sicelothumb typically got packages after they landed in testing22:33
siceloanyway, if i may say - you probably should consider all flavors of cssu frozen now.22:35
wedekermicrob-engine-common:   Installed: 1:20100401-1.9.2-5.2+0m5+0cssu3   Candidate: 1:20100401-1.9.2-5.2+0m5+0cssu3   Version table:  *** 1:20100401-1.9.2-5.2+0m5+0cssu3 0         100 /var/lib/dpkg/status22:36
wedeker 1:20100401-1.9.2-5.2+0m5+0cssu2+thumb0 0         500 fremantle/free Packages22:36
wedekerso it is "/var/lib/dpkg/status" :)22:37
wedekermy guess it was extra-testing22:37
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